Can you imagine maintaining your fat loss results for a lifetime?

Welcome to the lifetime fat loss project!    This is your journey to the best health and wellness. 

To begin with... maybe  it's time we give up weight loss diets that make us hungry.

After all, dieting just makes us fatter.

How many times have you been tortured by a low fat or low carb diet and then just gained all your weight back?

It's great to let go of obsessing about weight and eating only grapefruit and lettuce for lunch.    A lifetime of misery and calorie-counting can be gone... IF you choose another way.

If you need help staying off the diet habit, click here to read more about why diets don't work, and what your alternatives are.

The good news is nutrition science can help you with a  lifetime weight loss journey.  It is the only way to permanent weight loss.

This is not a system, this is a life journey.    It's a new, life-long approach to changing your habits, and your thinking, which will lead to you losing fat.

How it works will depend on you.   On you taking control and making the effort necessary.  There are no quick fixes and no one else can do it for you.  But there is a lot of support along the way.

Yummy Low Glycemic Recipes

To have lifetime fat loss means you have to forget about what you weigh, and change your eating habits.   You can eat delicious, savory food and you need the right fats and the right carbs!

It's possible to lose fat permanently,  but you must avoid these strategies because none of them work:

  • Dieting
  • Quick fix gimmicks
  • Prepackaged "convenience" foods
  • Diet pills or other drugs
  • Avoiding all fats
  • Avoiding all carbohydrates

In fact,  put your scale in a closet.

Scale weight  can be wildly misleading.

Diets lead to weight gain rebound. You lose weight initially (often water weight), and then when you go back to your old eating habits, the weight comes back with a vengeance!

What Can You Do to Help Me Lose Fat?

Glad you asked!   Here you will learn:

Even when you're armed with all this  information and advice, it can be hard to stick to the course.   So I created a person resource option.

One-to-One Assistance

If you're one of those people who needs a specific track to run on to keep you on the straight and narrow, then the good news is that help is at hand.

You can get a personal weight loss coach and an individualized, strategic plan to reach your fat loss goals.

You CAN be leaner, healthier, happier for a lifetime!

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