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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #010 - 10 Success Steps for Losing Fat Permanently
May 24, 2012

10 Success Steps - How To Lose Fat Permanently!

These 10 success steps will allow you to lose fat permanently because you are eating low glycemic foods, increasing your metabolism and forming new healthy habits. You will be successful following these losing weight tips every day because you will be living at your goal weight instead of going on a temporary diet! I cannot stress this enough. It is the key to permanent weight loss.

1. This is the most important secret to losing fat and keeping it off. Eat your biggest meal of the day at lunch time and eat your carbohydrates early in the day. Eat your evening, lighter meal no later than 6:00 p.m. so that you burn off your calories as energy during day.

2. Replace one meal with a nutrient dense protein shake, preferably the evening meal. Drink the shake with a small handful of nuts (7 raw nuts.) This means NO salt.

3. Eat lots of high fiber foods from the low glycemic food list - eat food in it's natural state. Serve yourself smaller portions and wait 10 minutes after you have finished your portion before you decide if you need more. It will take that long for your brain to know if you are full.

4. Maintain your energy balance - eat low glycemic snacks every 2 - 3 hours to keep your metabolism high and to avoid being so hungry you overeat. A handful of raw nuts and a piece of fruit and a glass of soy or almond milk is a perfect snack. Don't let yourself get too hungry. That's when you over eat.

5. Do moderate exercise every day - use an inexpensive pedometer to motivate you to get moving. You can lose weight walking if you walk briskly every day for 40 minutes.

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