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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #014 - Kale Chips for the Low Glycemic Plan
September 30, 2012

Kale Chips for the Low Glycemic Plan

Can you lose fat consistently and permanently and still indulge in the munchies?

You can when you make your own! And yes, it's worth it because kale chips taste great, they're easy to make and they satisfy the desire for something crisp and savory. Why eat kale chips instead of potato chips?

Besides the fact that deep fried foods create free radicals and the fact that potato chips are high glycemic, set you up to crave sweets and are extremely addictive? That might do it for you but let me just add that when you hit the age of 50 if you have a potato chip habit you probably have belly fat that's very hard to get rid of.

Munchies can work for you instead of against you. You can get rid of your extra fat when 2/3 of your food intake each day is nutritious plant food. Eating small low glycemic snacks all day can keep your metabolism up. It's very nice to have healthy munchies around that actually make you feel good and energetic.

These kale chip recipes are great to have in your collection of food ideas to get thin and stay thin. The more fresh vegetables and fruits you can get into your day the less room there is for the stuff that creates more fat!

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Kale Chips

Two yummy recipes for kale chips that can support you instead of sabotage your efforts to be skinny forever.

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Best Blender You Can Buy

If you are going to juice every day which I strongly recommend for lifetime fat loss, you need the easiest juicer to clean and use that blends anything and everything.

Weight Loss With Green Tea

Green tea extract can be a very effective help in suppressing your appetite and helping you burn fat.

These are the most effective products I have found that actually get results for permanent weight reduction:

A whey product that burns your fat in your meal replacement shake.

A natural hormone support product that will help you re-balance your metabolism.

A natural fat burner to really accelerate your fat burning.

A pedometer that ensures you are getting in enough aerobic exercise to lose fat permanently!

A very handy calorie counter that gives you everything you need to know about portion control.

This is the product that seriously reduces the inflammation you have and helps you to detox.

The best green tea extract to help you burn fat.

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