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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #017- What's For Christmas Dinner?
December 17, 2012

What's For Christmas Dinner?

What's for YOUR Christmas dinner? Are you insulin resistant, diabetic or just want to lose your extra fat?

How about a simple, elegant, light, low glycemic feast that makes everyone happy and no one too stuffed? That's what I decided to make after too many fabulous but labor intensive Thanksgivings. I decided Christmas had to be not only more relaxed but less sumptuous. Hiking after dinner ought to be an option not mandatory!

If you too want to spend most of your time visiting with your family and friends, opening presents and having fun rather than slaving over a hot stove and eating too many rich foods then see my Christmas Dinner Menu for 2012.

This year I experimented and researched, which was a lot of fun and led to many happy lemon tart tastings, until I came up with the perfect lemon tart. Yes, this picture really is a lemon tart and a low glycemic one at that. And it's more delectable than any lemon tart you've ever eaten.

This one will NOT raise your blood sugar but it will thrill your taste buds. It's super lemony and has an ingredient that makes it look like a golden custard and makes it an absolutely guilt free dessert! This is the only dish that needs to be made the day before.

What else is on the menu? This is a scrumptious meal that works even for the diabetic or someone who's insulin resistant. There's something for the vegetarian and something for the meat eater. It's for those of us who love food, don't want to ever worry about getting fat and don't want to spend the day in the kitchen but still eat well!


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Lemon Tart Recipe

Christmas Dinner Menu 2012.

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