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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #020- Tabouli Recipe
March 28, 2013

A Recipe for Obesity or To Be Thinner?

There's a new book out now called Salt, Sugar, Fat and How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss that describes how scientists working for big food companies engineered foods guaranteed to appeal to our worst cravings! Yikes. So now we know why we can't stop eating these snacks that are making us fat. It's a recipe for obesity OR you can choose another way, the low glycemic way.

It IS possible to get hooked on real food like the bulgur recipe above in that delicious looking tabouli salad. Bulgur is low glycemic and even though it's carbohydrate dense it has a low glycemic load. It's extremely high fiber and extremely nutritious. It's so easy to prepare - no cooking! Once you've got it put together it will last several days and gets better as it marinates.

Forget about processed foods. These scientists are hatching foods in labs intended to push all our craving buttons...60,000 different products are found in large supermarkets! If convenience and snacking are the reasons we fall for this stuff, you can change it up with real foods. Stock up on fresh fruit and raw nuts and make some interesting dishes that get better over time like the tabouli salad you see here!

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