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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #022- When Are Foods With A High Glycemic Index OK?
May 09, 2013

When Are Foods With a High Glycemic Index OK?

When they are non starchy vegetables! This beautiful soup is perfectly fine even though beets have a moderately high glycemic index. Beets and carrots are great examples of high glycemic foods that you can eat without restraint. I know if you are hooked on meat, sugar and animal fats it’s hard to imagine craving vegetables but I promise you it will happen. Juice them, cook them, eat them raw but just eat them. The more you eat them the more your body likes it and the more you’ll want them.

There ARE plant foods that are high glycemic but you only need to eat less of the starchy ones, like the white potatoes and bananas. Or eat them in the morning with no other carbs. On a mostly plant based diet you do not need to worry too much about this. Controlling your blood sugar, which is the key to not storing fat, is accomplished by eating lots of vegetables, fresh fruits and whole foods and eliminating the junk food.

It’s true that high glycemic foods can spike your blood sugar but these are the refined carbohydrates, the white foods and the junk foods. It’s the white breads, potato chips, French fries and sodas that are the major culprits. When you spike your blood sugar with refined carbs your body stores the excess food as fat.

When you are transitioning to a low glycemic, plant based diet start with one meal at a time. The borscht you see above tastes absolutely fantastic and it’s easy to make. If you’re trying to figure out something new and different to take with you to work buy yourself a thermos and make soups. Start with this borscht and take some raw nuts or hard boiled eggs and fresh fruit to eat with it. If you make it for dinner, eat it with your chicken or fish or whole grains like barley or stir fry.

Throw out all the white, refined carbohydrates in your kitchen and check out the low glycemic recipes here. I have found it’s easiest to just have a few basic recipes that I repeat. You don’t have to become a serious cook to learn how to make a few delicious, nutritious meals that will support your plan to be thin for life!

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