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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #025- Cold Gazpacho Soup - A Perfect Summer Recipe!
August 05, 2013

Cold Gazpacho Soup - A Perfect Summer Recipe!

There’s something about cold gazpacho that’s very satisfying.

You will think you have traveled to Spain and feel like you are being truly indulgent...which you are. You get a lot of pizazz out of some very simple ingredients that are just now ripe this time of year. Tomatoes are pretty blah most of the year but a tomato eaten just off the vine is something else.. sweet, juicy and tangy all at the same time. There’s just nothing like a vine ripened tomato. It makes you realize how terrible it is we ever eat produce out of season. But it’s not just the tomatoes in gazpacho. There are also sweet bell peppers, an avocado, a cucumber and just enough heat to make this soup pop.

It really is the ideal cold food on a hot summer day to stay thin or get that way. It’s one of the best foods to eat when you are on your way to losing more fat or if you are want to stay slender. It has a lot of volume for a soup and that’s what you need. It’s packed with nutrients and fiber which is the combination that will keep your blood sugar low and even. It’s a salad in a soup!

The recipe for gazpacho is here.

This is when you’ll be glad you’ve got a sturdy blender like a Vitamix or you can also just use a vegetable chopper or a food processor. You don’t have to do any cooking remember, just throw all the ingredients into your blender or food processor and chop. It is super simple with a Vitamix.

Now is the time for you to go out and buy yourself a good vegetable chopper or even a Vitamix. If you are committed to having permanent weight loss you need the right tools for food preparation. Being able to prepare good food is half the battle. I love my Vitamix because I can make smoothies, soups, sauces and even my own sorbet made completely of fruit.

So start with a batch of gazpacho and with this recipe you will make enough to last you several days!

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