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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #027- Biggest Barrier to Losing Weight
November 05, 2013

Biggest Barrier to Losing Weight?

Would you believe that experts now believe that emotional eating is the number one barrier to losing weight? Food can be an addictive behavior that is as unhealthy as any other addiction. If you are using it to avoid something you don’t want to do, or to try make yourself feel better when you are feeling rejected or lonely or depressed than it could be your biggest obstacle to a thinner life.

Not to worry there is a way to overcome this self defeating, discouraging behavior.

There’s a reason we call it comfort food! Food has always been a refuge from the harsh realities of life. Maybe you had a grandmother who made chocolate chip cookies to cheer you up when you weren’t invited to the popular kid's birthday party. Or a mother who made you chicken soup when you were sick. Food is comforting in times of need. If you’re hungry, why shouldn’t you thoroughly enjoy at least satisfying your physical needs!

That’s not what we’re talking about here. The problem arises when your emotions overwhelm you and you’re eating ONLY for comfort! This never works. You end up feeling worse because you’ve consumed unnecessary calories. Does this sound familiar?

Emotional eating means that we are trying to fill an emotional need with food. This is when eating becomes a compulsion and only brings frustration, guilt and self defeating thoughts. It never brings resolution to the strong emotion that triggered it because like drugs, food cannot satisfy the emotional craving that led to it.

There is an absolute remedy for this and I have written all about it here. Don’t give up! This works if you will adopt each of these very specific steps. Behavior response training is the only fundamental change that can resolve emotional eating and your barrier to weight loss.

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Glycemic Index List of Foods

This is not a new page, however, I have updated it with guidelines so you can make your choices of foods by categories and reading the labels for various brands. More and more foods now are labeled "low glycemic" and if you follow my guidelines and print out the new low and high glycemic lists of foods on this page, you shouldn't have to look up a brand.

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