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Nothing To Lose But Fat! Issue #003 -- A new natural fat blocker to boost fat loss more quickly....
August 07, 2011

A New Natural Fat Blocker!

More exciting news for you in the latest research on preventing and controlling obesity and weight gain! The theme for this newsletter is how you can actually prevent fat from forming. You’re also going to get an update on why you need to be eating blueberries as often as possible to not only improve insulin sensitivity (Issue 1) but lose fat.

How You can Stop Fat!

I am completely aware that it is challenging to change eating habits. This is probably why people do so well in really structured environments, in clinical programs, in studies, and sometimes just life circumstances. You need to see progress. It was because I was put in a restricted environment that I was able to experience firsthand the dramatic benefits of low glycemic eating. If you stick with it, you will lose fat for a lifetime but it doesn't happen over night.

So what to do? We all need a boost to have the confidence in our low glycemic plan to keep on going. I don't believe the answer is in drugs or unhealthy stimulants or the crazy strategies of some diet doctors.... So, I was very pleased to read about some very exciting scientific research with plant extracts that can actually block fat storage! Please don’t misunderstand me, I still think that it is extremely important to work as hard as you can on changing how you eat. But sometimes a little push to get you over a hump so you can see results faster is all you need to keep going with the low glycemic plan.

Apparently, the scientists who conducted the study were focusing on belly fat because this fat is the most toxic and is the hardest to get rid of. It is called "visceral fat" and it can be a sign of more serious health complications like insulin resistance.

The 2 plant extracts they found after testing thousands of plants, one a flower called S. indicus and the other a fruit called Garcinia mangostana, inhibit fat storage and help to break fat down.

The study was the type that FDA uses to test new drugs – the randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study that doctors love. The control group that used the formula of a combination of 2 plants lost 11.4 lbs in 8 weeks and even more impressive they lost 4 inches around the abdomen! Total reduction in body mass index was 2.05 which was 4 times greater than the placebo group. *

* Adapted from:FASEB J. April 2011;25:(Meeting Abstract Supplement)601.9. Presented at Experimental Biology 2011, Washington, DC, April 10, 2011 - Program No. 601.9. Poster No. A278.

The people in the study were on a diet of 2,000 calories and had to walk 5 days a week. Imagine if you ate low glycemic foods and pushed yourself to the same walking regime! You would undoubtedly have even better results.

There is a company that has formulated a product already based on these findings. I was so impressed with the study that I contacted them to make an arrangement to offer the products here. Because I would like to follow those who try these plant extracts I’m going to make you, my readers, a different kind of offer. For everyone who purchases a weight management consultation in the month of August, I will send you a month’s supply of the 2 products ($51 value) for free. I will also coach you for free for 3 months (as needed) so I can follow your progress. If you just want to try the products and skip the consultation you can order by calling toll free 855-485-5373 PST.

I will be writing more about this study soon on the website. In the meantime, call the number above to get your questions answered. Only those regular readers who respond to the newsletter will get the free products.

Blueberries Inhibit Fat Formation

In my first issue I talked about how wonderful blueberries are for increasing your insulin sensitivity. This is essential in managing your weight because your body needs to be sensitive to insulin in order to control your blood sugar effectively and balance the complex hormonal effects of what you eat.

Recently some new research was presented at the Experimental BIology 2011 meeting in Washington, D.C. * A Texas Woman's University graduate student reported the results of an experiment on the inhibitory effect on the development of fat cells. Blueberry polyphenols (plant nutrients) were administered to the fat tissue from mice. The lipid or fat content of the tissue was significantly reduced.

Now they need to test humans to determine the amounts that can be effective for people. But clearly blueberries are a superb food to have in your daily eating plan. Imagine if you ate some blueberries every will be improving your blood sugar control and you will be inhibiting fat production at the same time.

Isn’t it wonderful what plant foods can do to help you manage your weight and stop fat production? Why turn to drugs or some risky product that can possibly cause harm when you can improve your health with safe plants that promote your health.

* Experimental Biology 2011 meeting, April, 2011, Washington, DC.

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