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Nothing To Lose But Fat! Issue #004 --How to Stop Emotional Eating
October 01, 2011

How to Stop Emotional Eating

How to stop emotional eating has been on my mind lately. I got very inspired this past month meeting a practitioner of a technique I had never heard of and yet it turns out EFT is what I was looking for... I can’t wait to introduce it to you because I believe it could help some of you with your plan to lose fat permanently! You get to try it for free because you are a regular reader of this site. More about that below….

Emotional Eating and Emotional Freedom Technique

There was a little serendipity at work that I even met Brian Guzman and learned about the work of Emotional Freedom Technique. I had been thinking a lot about how to help people who are sabotaged in their fat loss goals by negative thinking and by emotional triggers that lead to stress eating. If you have experienced emotional trauma of any sort in your life related to your weight, it can be locked into your subconscious and “bite back” in ways that interfere with reaching your goals.

I've been wondering how to introduce more positive mind work on the website so it was curious that I just happened to meet Brian through an acquaintance who thought we might have some common interests. Brian just happens to do this very work. Emotional Freedom Technique is an acupressure technique that allows you to release emotions that are blocking you physically and energetically. There are EFT studies showing demonstrable results. Brian is an EFT practitioner of 10 years who does exactly this. He assists you in re-patterning your mind and destructive habits by applying acupressure to energy points while talking you through positive, empowering ideas that align you with your goals.

I did a session with Brian myself so I would know how it worked. It was very inspiring and I am still reaping the very positive results as I continue with some exercises he gave to me. You can do this long distance by telephone as I did because Brian will instruct you on the acupressure points. I loved this because I did it from my home and now I know the pressure points to do it for myself daily! I know that the affects will be even greater. Many practitioners do this because it is so convenient for clients. Brian is offering a free session to you so you can try it for yourself to know that it works.

Read more about how it works and about Brian on my new page on the website and let me know if you try it and get results! I would love to share results any of you get with what you learn about on Lifetime Fat Loss.

Speaking of readers' results... a few clients who I am coaching have started the fat blocker that I introduced in the last newsletter and I look forward to sharing their results with you. So far I am hearing stories of looser fitting clothes. I love hearing your stories of how much better you feel on the lifetime fat loss low glycemic eating plan! Please stay in touch even if you aren’t doing the coaching. It is always exciting to me to hear how much better you feel when your nutrition improves and you are losing weight.
Power of Walnut Nutrition

That super food I mentioned – one of my favorite omega 3 foods – walnuts, are in nutrition news lately. Keep chopping up the walnuts and putting them on your oatmeal, in your salads and on your yogurt. It turns out that walnuts are the healthiest nuts on the planet! Of course, this makes me all the happier because I happen to have English walnut trees lining my driveway. Although every year we have to battle it out with the ground squirrels over who will actually eat them.

Walnut nutrition is fascinating. The incredible health benefits of walnuts first have to do with our brains. Your brain is 60% fat and it’s the essential fatty acids that our bodies crave and don’t get nearly enough of. Walnuts have an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids - more than any other nut. I talk a lot about omega 3 fatty acids on Lifetime Fat Loss because they are a key food to eat in order to have permanent weight loss.

Walnuts are full of antioxidants. And talk about filling. Eat them as snacks with kefir, yogurt, a piece of fruit or slices of cucumber or celery. High in protein, high in fat... they are the perfect food to lower blood sugar. I will be writing more about the nutrition in all raw nuts and their role in your low glycemic eating plan. They will accelerate your fat loss and super charge your health!

How to stop emotional eating is a complex challenge for anyone wanting to lose weight who has not always been supported by her/his environment and relationships. Sometimes therapy is necessary and I am in no way suggesting that EFT can take the place of therapy by someone who needs it. It is simply another tool in your weight management tool box that can help you re-pattern your thinking, release negative emotions and end emotional eating. We need all the support we can get to create lifelong, healthy habits and thinner bodies!
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