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Nothing To Lose But Fat! Issue #005 --Eating Healthy on a Budget
November 02, 2011

Lifetime Fat Loss is all about promoting your health as a way of losing weight permanently. Paying attention to your health first and foremost as a way to lose weight seems counter intuitive. So does focusing on eating cheaply and yet... eating cheaply does not have to mean eating junk food, in fact just the opposite is true. The junk food is expensive in comparison. When you add in the expense of your loss of good health, it's exorbitant.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

So what's quick, easy to make and cheap and will not raise your blood sugar? Yes, it's possible to eat healthy on a budget. In fact, eating low glycemic foods IS to eat cheaply. These are the foods that lower your blood sugar, help you to lose fat and will lower your food bills! Here's my cheapest low glycemic foods list:

beans, oats, barley, bulgur, eggs, quinoa, dark leafy green salads and fresh fruit.

These are super, low glycemic foods that will build your health, stabilize your blood sugar AND help you to shed fat more quickly than you thought possible. Now I know some of you are wondering how can I survive on these boring foods. Not so fast! Don’t forget you can dress them up with seasonings, herbs and yummy fats like avocado, cream cheese, crème fraiche, cheeses, olive oil and low glycemic sweetners like powdered fructose (made from fruit not corn syrup,) agave syrup, or stevia. Think what a difference it makes in flavor to just melt some cheese on top of a scrambled egg, some pasta or a sprouted grain tortilla.

Are you wondering what to eat today? Here’s a sample menu for the day that links to recipes with ideas to carry on the rest of the week.

Breakfast: 1 cup of tea or coffee, a breakfast burrito. 1 pear.

Snack: If you are hungry 3 hours after breakfast have a glass of unsweetened almond or soy milk or even whole cow’s milk with 7 raw, unsalted nuts. 1 apple.

Lunch: vegetarian chili 1 serving. (Note: This is a safe choice for a restaurant since all the ingredients are low glycemic and no preservatives are usually used.) 1 slice, toasted sprouted grain bread with 2 pats real butter. 1 pear.

Snack: 2 Wasa crackers (or other whole grain cracker with no preservatives) spread with cream cheese.

Dinner: Spinach salad, 2 whole grain crackers. 1 6 oz. plain yogurt with frozen cherries and a little agave syrup.

For some variety try oatmeal for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch and lentils for dinner. Or quinoa for dinner, a smoothie for a snack, scrambled eggs for breakfast with sprouted grain toast and tomato soup for lunch with 1/2 sandwich of avocado, swiss cheese, and tomato on sprouted grain bread. Try these sugarless cookies for a special treat. Eat them for dessert at lunch time or for a snack.

You are getting all the super foods in the low glycemic food list I named above and believe me this is cheap and easy. When you get away from processed foods you get away from spending your food dollars on the expensive processing. You get away from the high glycemic preservatives which are the “hidden sugars” in all these foods. Do you have any idea what impact that will have on your health, your blood sugar and your weight?

Read about the "sugar diseases" caused by high glycemic preservatives like high fructose corn syrup in processed foods that can cause high blood sugar conditions which can lead to metabolic disturbances and eventually diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and liver problems. But I digress. When you eat the super foods which are imminently affordable you will not have to worry about hidden sugars in the preservatives in food. So this is my healthy eating diet advice for this week. Eat healthy on a budget and learn how to cook beans, try the menu above, add yummy fats and find ways to fit these cheap, super foods into your daily healthy eating plan.

Eat what’s grown in your area. On the weekends take your kids or your boyfriend or friends or whomever and check out your local farmer’s market. Make sugarless cookies for your special treat and enjoy eating healthy on a budget on your Lifetime Fat Loss Low Glycemic Plan!

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