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Nothing To Lose But Fat! Issue #006 - Lifetime Fat Loss Holiday Tips
December 06, 2011

How do you survive the holidays without completely blowing off your new resolve to be healthy and thin?

You made it through Thanksgiving without getting too far off track (or maybe you didn't) but now the temptations have become more serious. You want to get back on or stay on your low glycemic eating plan...what to do?

Lifetime Fat Loss Holiday Tips

If you made it through Thanksgiving without over indulging on high glycemic foods, congratulations! Now we’re already into December and there are reasons to bake almost every day. Who doesn’t look forward to baking and eating yummy, holiday foods? Who doesn't long for the foods you associate with the traditions and happy memories of your childhood and family?

But YOU don’t want to get the sugar cravings going again. The last thing you need is to get caught up in that intense, crazy cycle. I came up with a list of strategies to get you through the season without deprivation, without binging and without tears. Post this on your refrigerator to remind you that you’ve got your low glycemic plan now and it will go on with you through the holidays and into the New Year!

1) Indulge in your favorite holiday treat but in moderation. Have one slice of pecan pie and eat it before 1:00 p.m. and take a big winter's hike or go to the gym afterwards.

2) Bake and save. Whatever you make for guests, your family, for gifts, eat one piece and freeze the rest in individual pieces. You won't have to eat the whole thing because you don't want to waste it.

3) Bake and give. After you and your partner, husband, roommate or children have your Christmas cookies, take the rest to a neighbor who is a shut in or to the local shelter. You'll make someone else very happy.

4) For every baked treat you make or eat, make one green smoothie, like the Zucchini Wonder. You can also use kale and cucumber instead of the zucchini and celery. Alkaline foods will re-calibrate your blood sugar. The more intense your sugar craving the more likely your blood sugar is too high.

5) Read How to Stop Sugar Addiction to learn how not to be tortured by your sweet tooth. Sugar cravings do GO AWAY! When you have stopped eating too many high glycemic foods and you are eating far more alkaline foods every day, the cravings will be gone.

6) Over the holidays you're going to be stressed as well as eat sweets. Or maybe it's because we're stressed we go for the sweets. Fortify yourself for the holidays and please read Stress and Weight Gain and do all the stress relievers. They are a great way to manage your weight and your life during the holidays!

7) Make low glycemic seed crackers with dried cranberries to snack on during the holidays.

Your Questions For Lifetime Fat Loss

I would love to hear from you if you are just starting out with this new way of eating or if you’re into it and have run into a road block, or fat plateau. It happens and there are ways around it. If you are not sure if the holiday food you love is low glycemic or how to minimize the glycemic affect write to me! I may know a trick to making it low glycemic. I love hearing from you.

Recommended Products

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3. Max gxl for antioxidant support. There are toxins in your fat cells. When you are burning fat, it helps to detox efficiently and this product supports your body making more glutathione (the body’s antioxidant) to help you do that. Order toll free 855-485-5373.

4. Treat yourself to a weight management consultation to strengthen yourself for the holidays! Get your own individualized Lifetime Fatloss Low Glycemic Plan. An hour consultation and 3 page report with your personal guide based on your specific needs. Comes with 3 months of free coaching.

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