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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #007 - 2012 Year of Right Intentions
January 09, 2012

Do you make the same New Year's resolutions every year?

2012 - Year of Right Intentions

Oops. You are not alone. This is an ancient practice and sacred holiday. The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions goes back 4,000 years and is a way of renewing and honoring yourself and life itself. Most people, however, jump on the bandwagon after the indulgences of the winter holidays and make a list that they unconsciously sabotage because that’s what your mind does!

You say you want to lose 30 lbs but your subconscious says "you’ve never done this before why start now?" Can this year be different? What if you truly commit to transforming a part of yourself and your life?

Neuroscience tells us that it takes clear intention, constant reinforcement and aligning your resolutions with your values in order to succeed at your goals. You CAN program your mind in order to ensure your success. Studies show that people who commit to making life changes and strategize about how to reach their goals AND put them in writing are more likely to succeed if their goals align with what’s truly important to them. The goals have to be "intentions" rather than just promises because intentions tell your brain that you are following through. A resolution is just a promise...a hope.

For your intention to lose fat permanently here is a blueprint for your success, the 10 Success Steps. Print these out because they are your game plan, the strategy. These 10 steps are the simple, distilled version of the lifetime fat loss low glycemic plan. But there are a few other things you have to do in order for this to work. When you are truly committed you get prepared.

1) Go into your pantry and remove all the processed and high glycemic foods. Take them to a food bank or your local shelter.

2) Inform your husband, wife, children or roommate of your plan to be healthy once and for all and your commitment to eat foods that are in their natural state.

3) Just go ahead and buy the pedometer! You are going to commit to 10,000 steps a day. Once you have that pedometer on you will find it enormously motivating and a continual challenge to get out and get moving!

4) Keep a gratitude and accomplishments journal. You are strengthening your mind along with your body with positive thoughts. Write down three things you are grateful for each day and three things you did well. The better you feel about yourself and your life the better care you will take of your body.

You are full of eternal possibilitites and immeasurable potential! Honestly, you only need to convince yourself to succeed. Once you commit the universe will support you. Indeed, argue for your limitations and they are your’s. On the other hand if you believe that you can succeed you will!

Are you stuck on a plateau or finding it hard to stick to low glycemic eating? More help is on the way! The director of the Glycemic Research Institute which has been a resource for this site, has developed some low glycemic products for people who find it impossible to stick 100% to low glycemic eating. They keep your blood sugar stabilized all day because they are time released and they curb your hunger and burn fat. Sign up for the RSS feed on the home page because I will blog about them as soon as they are up on the website.

The only new article I wrote in December was Christmas Dinner Menus. Christmas is over obviously but it’s still a good low glycemic menu for company coming.

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