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Nothing To Lose But Fat!, Issue #009 - The Magic of Metabolism
March 08, 2012

The Magic of Metabolism

On the one hand losing fat has nothing much to do with how you eat.

On the other it has everything to do with how you eat.

Here’s what I mean. Once you have adjusted your metabolism up enough notches it really won’t matter what you eat because you won’t be compelled to overeat! The calories you do eat will NOT be stored as fat.

I know this sounds too good to be true but it IS in fact true. Calories will be burning off even when you’re not engaged in some strenuous physical activity. This is called resetting your fat thermostat to a lower level with exercise.

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On the other hand there ARE foods that increase your metabolism (and of course the ones that increase fat storage). Eating these foods is resetting your fat thermostat to a lower level with food. These are the ones you want to get into your life everyday.


Eat 10 – 12 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, 3 T. of flaxseed meal or oil and 7 raw nuts at one meal or snack. Minimize red meats and saturated fats and make sure 2/3 of your food comes from plants. Walnuts and flaxseeds are the most potent of the fat burning omega 3 foods. You need the fiber and the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables to lose weight. Eat all the fruits and veggies you want and forget about counting calories.

The best fats help your metabolic rate to rise which burns more fat and glucose. Your energy level goes up which inspires you to get out and into the strenuous physical activity! This is the magical metabolic cycle you want to be on which is the exact opposite of the rebound dieting cycle of a non nutritious diet plan.

Food does heal you and losing fat is part of that healing process.

There is a magic in metabolism which means that you are converting food into energy instead of allowing it to stick in your fat cells. Metabolism is a simple word with profound meaning.

It’s a miracle really, how we take live food grown on the earth and transform it into healing, creative power by what we do every day. So once you have cycled the food you are eating into aerobic exercise every single day, you'll be creating good energy NOT fat and you can choose your creative life.

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