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      My name is Jan and I wrote this page to introduce myself to you.

    I'm a  certified weight management advisor and the editor of this website.   Lifetime Fat Loss is the culmination of many years studying health and nutrition, my weight management education, and my personal experiences with many of the weight loss challenges that brought you here!

     For the last 25 years my husband and I have owned and operated an organic vineyard.    Farm life is the perfect lifestyle for me because I've always been drawn to natural healing, cooking and nutrition.    There's nothing like growing food to appreciate eating well to be well!  

     I completed a certification program in science based weight management practices through Proevity, now called Longevity, LLC, a continuing education company.   It's accredited by the American Council of Continuing Medical Education, an association recognized by the AMA.   It is very satisfying to me to hear that people are succeeding on the Lifetime Fat Loss Low Glycemic Plan.   I went through the struggle of cycling on and off diets and I know how frustrating it is!

     I got on the diet merry-go-round many years ago when I went off to college and gained 20 pounds my freshman year!

     This was the beginning of my yo yo dieting pattern that went on for several years. My method of trying to lose weight was starvation through fasting and then overeating.     Like many of you, I was the model crash dieter.   I couldn't understand why my metabolism grew more sluggish in my twenties when in my teen years I could eat anything I wanted and never gain an ounce! 

     Fasting and then eating high glycemic foods means you get fat!  It  was because I was crash dieting and no longer physically active that my metabolism was so sluggish.   I was stuck.

     Then I had a life experience that impacted everything including my understanding of fat metabolism and how it relates to nutrition and health.    My  husband and I took a sailing trip on our small sailboat from Hawaii to California.

     Since it would take a month with no refrigeration I could not follow my animal protein, low fat diet.   I had to maximize our nutrition so I took lots of whole grains with us, bulgur, barley, beans and lots of fruits, vegetables and raw nuts for protein.   I took sprouting seeds so we would have fresh greens and we knew we would catch some fish. 

     I never allowed myself carbohydrates so eating mostly carbs and so many fruits and vegetables was new for me.  On the boat we were in constant motion which meant consistent exercise. What I ate and how I moved increased my metabolism dramatically! Not only that but my sugar cravings went away. It was liberating. I lost ALL my extra weight and never gained it back. I went from always worrying about my weight to never worrying about it again.

     Everyone can't go sailing across the Pacific obviously.   But you don't have to.     Because of those circumstances I unintentionally learned to eat and move like a thin, healthy person.    Everything I did I have put on this website.

     What this trip did for my body I must say changed how I have lived ever since. I learned how my energy was positively impacted by eating only fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, fish, beans and yes, some whole grains like brown rice and barley.     Carbs were not the issue; it was the type of carbs that made the difference.

     I am now addicted to walking for my movement and I walk at least 2 miles every day.   I never think about calories; I can eat what I want but I crave low glycemic, healthy foods.

     There were no bakeries at sea. I am no longer hooked on sugar although I do love the occasional rich  dessert.  I have to be careful though. Here at home we have lots of temptations but lots of other options too.     Believe me, you get over sugar and you don't need much meat.    I sweeten foods with a little coconut sugar or agave syrup and no longer buy white sugar.   It makes me sick.  

     The science of fat loss that I learned later in my weight management courses confirmed my own personal experiences.

     You can be free of the burden of being fat.     Food impacts how we live, how we feel, our health, our quality of life and the environment we live in. I created this website to share what I have learned and to help others in their quest for a lifetime of fat loss and excellent health.

      I'd love to hear from you! Whether you get a consultation or not let me know about your progress losing fat or you can ask me a question here.

      I'll get back to you.

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