Acidic food?

by Andrea Waldron

Visitor Question:

Is seltzer water considered to be an acidic food?

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

Hi Andrea,

Good question. It depends on whether or not anything has been added to it. Seltzer water is just plain water that has been carbonated. Carbonation is caused by infusing the water with carbon dioxide gas to give it effervescence. Read the label to make sure that no sugar or high glycemic sweeteners, like high fructose corn syrup, are in it. Usually seltzer water has potassium or sodium added to it and they are alkaline compounds.

In fact, naturally carbonated, mineral water helps to balance your pH. Seltzer water could reduce acidity in your body if it has sodium or potassium added since they are alkaline. This is why it's good to drink if your stomach is upset from too much acidity. This is usually because of over eating high glycemic foods.

Seltzer water or carbonated mineral water do not cause dental erosion either as sodas do. It is only when sugar is added to carbonated water that this is a problem.

Pure, filtered water is the best beverage to drink because it will quench your thirst better than carbonated water. You need a lot of water to be hydrated all day. Natural mineral water would be second best. Carbonated water needs to be sipped because if you swallow air with it you can really feel gaseous.

Hope this helps! To balance your alkaline/acidity ph be sure to eat plenty of greens and read more about alkaline diet foods.

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