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My husband (Type II diabetic) and I have been following your diet for about a month now. I think we've been doing well but we're looking for some additional guidance on low GI foods. We're following it to be more healthy and stay away from the preservatives and artificial sweeteners, more so than trying to lose weight.

Do you have a better substitute for Smuckers sugar-free jelly or jam? This brand is sweetened with Splenda and I'm trying to find a better choice that doesn't have an artificial sweetener without any luck.

I don't see cantaloupe on the low or high GI list. Where does this fall?

Can you give some cold cereal suggestions that are high in fiber and without the bad preservatives or added sugars on your lists?

I know potato chips or other similar snacks shouldn't be consumed often, but are there any snacks on this idea you could suggest, that are okay to eat on occasion that aren't loaded with preservatives or sugars?

We're trying really hard to buy foods without the "bad" stuff but it's difficult at times. We're trying to swap out some old favorites with better choices. We'd love to see some additional recipes, snack ideas etc. on your site. We like pretty standard food choices, not any fancy veggies etc. Thanks.

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

I'm so glad you asked because I'm sure there are lots of people who need some new ideas for healthier snack foods, cold cereals and jams. As long as processed foods are just a small amount of the foods you eat they shouldn't be a problem for your blood sugar or even your weight.

I'm assuming you may not have access to a natural foods market or cooperative grocery store where there are lots of options. The products I'm recommending here I found in my local, garden variety, chain, super market. The prices were a little bit higher than the products with sugar and preservatives but they weren't wildly expensive either.

There are two acceptable jams in my grocery store, one is sugar free and the other has 5 grams of sugar in a tablespoon but it is from grape juice not cane sugar. That's low fruit sugar content in my book. Drinking a glass of grape juice would be high glycemic but I don't think a tablespoon of jam on your toast would cause your blood sugar to go up.

Nature's Hollow makes a completely sugar free whole fruit jam with xylitol which is a perfectly healthy, sugar alcohol substitute for cane sugar or corn syrup. There is zero sugar in their fruit jams. I saw strawberry, raspberry, peach, mountain berry and blueberry varieties.

Crofter's makes a "just fruit spread" that is sweetened with grape juice. They also make a "premium" jam that does have cane sugar so read the label carefully. Since you would be getting such a tiny amount of grape juice in a serving it shouldn't be a problem for your husband's blood sugar.

As far as cold cereals, there aren't a huge number of low glycemic, high fiber cereals available but I have found a few. Ezekiel 4:9 cereals made by Food for Life are high fiber, healthy cereals made with sprouted whole grains, legumes, seeds and no flour. They have no sugar added at all. There are recipes on the box for granola bars made from the cereal mixed with peanut butter and an apple crisp recipe. So your breakfast can make a healthy snack food and even a healthy, low glycemic dessert!

Another great cold cereal is Uncle Sam's which has 10 grams of fiber and one gram of sugar and is made with wholewheat, flax and whole grain barley. I also like Weetabix which is very low in sugar and high in fiber and made from whole wheat with no artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils or transfats.

Healthy snack foods that could take the place of potato chips are more challenging to find! I am always looking for some chips that actually taste good that aren't made with high glycemic ingredients or have bad fats and too much salt.

There is a new brand of chips at my super market called Plentils that are made with lentils and are pretty tasty. In fact, they really do have a lentil flavor. They contain lentil powder, potato starch, safflower oil, salt and turmeric and no artificial anything as it says on the package. If you were trying to lose weight maybe the potato starch could be a problem if you ate too many of them too often.

Another suggestion is Beanitos! I love Beanitos. They are really light on the sodium, only 55 mg for an ounce, high in fiber and are made from whole navy beans, whole grain rice, sunflower or safflower oil, guar bean gum and a little sea salt.

Cantaloupe is high glycemic if it is ripe and juicy. Often it tends to be a little under ripe and not so sweet. If you have eliminated table sugar, corn syrup and high glycemic starchy carbohydrates like white breads, crackers, white potatoes and white rice you probably will not have a problem eating fresh cantaloupe occasionally.

If you can't find these products in your super market you can order them online I'm sure. I am going to get busy with some more snack ideas and low glycemic recipes. Have you signed up for my rss feed and my newsletter? They are on the home page. Go to the little box at the bottom of the nav bar to subscribe to my blog. The rss feed will let you know when I have written a new page. Thanks so much for writing. I'm glad you are finding the information here useful!

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