Alkaline Diet Foods

alkaline diet foods

     Alkaline diet foods are foods that supposedly help to neutralize the acidic pH of the blood because when you are in biochemical balance,  it's easier to lose weight.  

     Any food or substance with a pH below 7.0 is acidic and anything above that is alkaline.  Water has a pH of 7.0 and is considered neutral.    It makes sense that eating foods that are more alkaline will help to balance a too acidic body chemistry.

     You can buy litmus papers in a drugstore or health food store that will give you a reading of your body's chemistry.   Follow the directions precisely and don't be surprised  that you are too acidic when you thought you were eating a decent diet!  

     Unless you have been eating an optimal diet with 80% of your food coming from alkaline foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, you,  like most people have work to do.  

      It takes a long time to change your body chemistry from acidic to alkaline.   Until I began juicing greens every day I did not see changes in my pH over a period of several months.   Since cancer and other disease states including obesity and diabetes develop in an acidic environment,  it's definitely worth the extra effort.    First stop eating sugar and high glycemic foods!    These foods are your high acid foods.     DO eat lots of vegetables from this alkaline foods list:

  • leafy greens
  • broccoli
  • zuchinni
  • cauliflower
  • squashes
  • kale
  • green beans
  • cabbage
  • celery
  • spinach
  • parsley
  • cilantro
  • cucumber

     Dr. Henry Bieler, who is the father of modern nutrition with his classic book, Food Is Your Best Medicine, writes about the acid/alkaline balance.    According to Dr. Bieler, of all the alkaline elements of the body, sodium is the most important.

     Dr. Bieler maintained that the liver is the storehouse for sodium and that it is the element most needed to maintain the acid/alkaline balance. Sodium is found in every cell in the body and is necessary to neutralize the affects of too much acid.

      Excessive proteins, especially meat, sugars and starches cause "over acidity" or excess protein in the tissues. The solution is to eat many more vegetables, the high alkaline foods, and especially the zucchini to replenish sodium in the liver.

   If your system is too acidic the best way to bring it into balance is to add a lot of zucchini to your eating plan. Keep reading for the recipe for a zucchini smoothie.   All members of the squash, cucumber, melon family are high in sodium but the zucchini and crook neck squash are especially high in sodium.

     According to Dr. Bieler, sodium, potassium and calcium are the alkaline elements the body needs the most. Apparently, throughout history, the Italians used zucchini as a cure all for whatever ailed you. But sodium is not the only alkaline mineral the body needs. Some potassium rich, high alkaline foods are string beans and leafy plants like dark, leafy, greens, spinach and kale.

      Through the ages therapeutic vegetable soups rich with potassium and sodium vegetables were used for healing. Celery, parsley, zucchini and string beans are non-starchy vegetables that are alkaline diet foods and can be cooked and consumed as a soup or juiced for an alkaline green smoothie.     All diet plans should include lots of these green vegetables!

     The standard American diet is often very acidic, too high in meat and other proteins, high in calories and low in nutrients and minerals which means that Americans are overweight and undernourished at the same time!

      Alkaline diet foods will correct this imbalance.

     So consider a green smoothie or green soup as part of your weight management program to support your endocrine system and to help you control blood sugar. Enough alkaline diet foods and the elimination of high glycemic foods and less meat will bring your blood sugar into balance over time.  This can take many months of correct eating.

     This smoothie is my number one green smoothie and one I drink several times a week especially during the summer months when I'm growing lots of zucchini.

Zucchini Wonder

  • 1 apple OR 1 large tomato
  • 5 medium, raw zucchini
  • 6 - 8 celery sticks

      If you are using a juicer you won't need any water because the pulp will be removed. A powerful blender that doesn't remove the pulp is preferable so you don't lose all the nutrients and enzymes in the pulp. This should give you four 6 - 8 ounce servings. When you use a blender you will need fewer vegetables. You should drink this green smoothie within a couple of days to get all the enzymes which do not last long. For a completely different taste treat try a large fresh tomato instead of the apple.

     Zucchini is the perfect alkaline diet food.

      Perfect for losing fat and perfect for your health because according to  Dr.  Bieler, zucchini is the perfect food for your liver.   It's the king of alkaline diet foods, ideal for all diet programs!

     Alkaline diet foods or green vegetables may be lightly steamed in a little water. Raw vegetables can be grated into salads or juiced unless your gastrointestinal tract is extremely sensitive. If that area is inflamed it could be irritated by rough textured food and some cooking will make all vegetables more digestible.

     If your intestinal tract is strong, it's a great addition to your low glycemic eating plan to juice raw vegetables into green smoothies. You'll be getting the quantities of enzymes and nutrients that you would not otherwise be able to consume.

      I am a big believer in the power of alkaline diet foods to promote health, longevity, fantastic energy, healing from all sorts of ailments and a slim body that never gains an ounce more than your ideal weight!   

     Eating greens is addictive. These are the alkaline diet foods. Not just the salads you eat every day but lots and lots of alkaline greens. Their effect is amazing. It's a reverse sugar addiction, just as powerful but in a good way. The greens bring an abundance of nutrition that you will find adds a dimension of wellness to your life you didn't know was possible.

The craving for greens will take the place of the craving for sugar and white foods.

     You don't really have to think about this too much, it just happens. The greens will change your taste palate forever in a good way.

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