Belly Fat But Not Overweight

by Holly

Visitor Question:

I am not overweight on the scales but I have a roll around the belly area that I just can't get rid of. My eating habits are not the greatest, especially in the evenings when we watch TV. I have tried many times to cut that out but always seem to slip back into my old
habits again.

As far as I can see this would also be a diet since I would be trying hard to stick to certain foods and avoiding other ones. I can see me just slipping off of it again and again. How can this be any different?

Of course I know how important my health is and that I need to make a commitment but that is what I always do.. make a commitment - but then down the road a ways I break it.

By 'treats' I mean fun food, like Pizza, egg rolls, chips, bars, pop, that kind of stuff.

I want to be healthy but I am hooked on my 'treats'.
Is there hope for me?

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

Yes, of course there's hope for you! You wouldn't have written if you weren't motivated to be healthier. The good news is you can find or make healthy versions of the fun foods you like to eat. If there's not a good natural foods market near you then make your own with healthy ingredients.

Lucky you that you aren't sick or fat yet. This is easier in some ways but the downside is you think you don't have the motivation yet to stick with your commitments to eat healthier. Not only that, but you are craving the high glycemic foods you love. What to do?

The truth is the cravings will continue until you change your ways. Good nutrition overall will make up for grazing on a few junk food items. But if they make up your diet, then it's only a matter of time before worse things happen to your body.

Do you eat 9 - 10 servings of vegetables and fruit a day? Do you eat mostly a traditional Mediterranean diet? You say your eating habits are not that good. Do you make sure you have lots of good quality unsaturated good fats every single day? Do you eat raw nuts and seeds, whole grains and real foods most of the time?

If you answered no to any of these questions then now's the time to clean up your eating because the older you get the more compromised you will be.

The low glycemic way of eating is different because it is the only healthy and balanced way to eat. Every human being needs to eat mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, some good quality protein. This is not a "diet" to lose weight and then go back to eating the way you used to eat that gave you belly fat in the first place.

When you eat the low glycemic way you will lose your craving for high glycemic foods. This is key but it takes time. You won't want to stop eating this way after you've lost your belly roll. If you do this plan right you will never go back to your old ways.

People slip back into bad habits because they experienced deprivation on the diet and the nutritional deficiencies are still there. Did you know that fat people are actually nutritionally deficient?

You need to get something out of eating differently besides looking better. How about the satisfaction of knowing you will never or seldom get sick? How about feeling 10 years younger and having super energy every single day? What about the peace of mind of knowing that you have provided health security for your family?

For me it's a no brainer because without our health does anything else matter? There is no quality of life without good health.

How about a bowl of cherries (or unsalted sunflower seeds or yogurt with frozen fruit) when you're in front of the tv? The best snacking foods are fresh fruit, raw nuts and seeds, and raw vegetables if you like them.

What about making dips like guacamole or hummus to dip celery or carrot sticks in? Or you can buy whole grain crackers and limit yourself to one or two with a spread. Avocado and chick peas (hummus) are highly nutritious and have lots of essential fatty acids that are very rich and satisfying.

The low glycemic, healthy way of eating I am recommending here to manage your weight is a food lover's diet. Eating is one of the life's joys so what you eat has to taste fantastic and make you feel great!

This is why I wrote this website. Being fat is just another symptom for being unhealthy. When you truly change your way of eating the way I describe here you will mostly lose your interest and taste for what you call the fun foods. You will discover new fun foods!

Remember too that it's a question of frequency. If we're just maintaining good health and weight we all indulge in something once in a while that's not good for us. This is not about perfection.

There are lots of fun foods that are good for you that have good fats, low glycemic sweeteners and the like. Even ice cream is ok occasionally if it has just eggs, milk, cream and sugar in it. Why? Because the protein and the fats in ice cream moderate the rise in blood sugar and adding some chopped raw nuts (protein) will help even more.

If you want some more ideas for low glycemic fun foods you could read about sugar free desserts.

About your belly fat ... you may want to read further for more support.

Good luck and happy eating!

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