Binging Disaster

Visitor Question:

What happens if one day I binge on really high sugar foods? How can I recover from the downfall? What are the effects on my body?

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

What happened is you spiked your blood sugar and you probably didn't feel great. The effects on your body will not be long lasting if you go into recovery mode. So you're already on the right track just by asking this question!

The absolutely best thing you can do to recover is help your body reset by drinking a lot of fresh, alkaline vegetables. Go to my healthy juicing recipes page and you will find lots of great combinations. Stick to the green ones only. In other words, leave out the tomato or apple. You want to flood your body with alkaline vegetables. This is the most effective way to correct a blood sugar spike that is acidic. Replace your evening meal with a green smoothie and a very light meal. Eat mostly fresh, raw vegetables and fruits for a few days.

This will help you with any lingering sugar cravings too but you will need to eat the low glycemic way to maintain this equilibrium. If you haven't already read about the glycemic index and print the low glycemic food list which you will see linked there.

Do NOT beat yourself up or even consider that you have caused a big problem because you are going to learn from this. Instead, take a deep breathe and analyze what caused the event. Look at this as objectively as you can in a behavioral sense. What was the antecedent (what came before?)

Usually binging has to do with an emotional reaction to something. Sometimes it can be as simple as you allowed yourself something you thought you shouldn't eat that was sugary and fattening and then you just kept going because it's addictive, it tastes so great and you're feeling deprived.

Maybe you aren't eating enough plant fats? If you do feel deprived you may need more of the good fats in what you are eating. I make sure the people I work with never feel deprived or too hungry! This is because they are eating yummy foods.

If you think you were just eating for emotional reasons that's a behavior you can change! You can create a new habit of walking out the door when you feel charged and walk it off! You will clear your head and go to a higher place mentally to get a bigger perspective and take care of your heart.

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