Breaking Free From Emotional Eating

     Breaking free from emotional eating is your questionnaire to access a free session of EFT with practitioner Brian Guzman.

     You can fill out the form below. Just leave blank what you don't know. Brian will be in touch with you by telephone or email to schedule a 30 minute session. He'll be exploring the blocks with you that are holding you back from reaching your weight loss goals. He will guide you in tapping the acupressure points.

Free EFT - 30 Minute Session

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     Clinical trials have shown that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress.    It is possible to break free from emotional eating and greatly reduce food cravings.  Sometimes people use food for comfort and to relieve emotional pain.   If you can describe your pain to Brian then he can bring peace to that emotion which can help you with establishing more reasonable eating habits.

     The acupressure helps this to become more embedded energetically. A study was done showing that the EFT subjects demonstrated considerable improvement in food cravings. You can read the report of this study on the website When you eat only when you are hungry you can decrease your intake of food.

     "Brian has been working with me for a short time and after each session, I'm surprised at what has been accomplished. The only difficult thing about all this has been to accept that issues that have been highly emotionally charged for many years have changed for the better within minutes. It's been hard to believe that something that angered or hurt me greatly for many years could lose the emotions associated with a memory in just minutes.

     After the first couple of sessions, even though I was able to lose negative emotions over an event while I was working with Brian, I wondered if those improved feelings would continue. I thought I might wake up the next day feeling as I had for the past however-many years, but that hasn't happened. The work that's been done has been permanent.

      All of our work has been done by phone, so it's by Brian helping me to learn and guiding my thoughts in the right direction that this improvement has come about. This isn't a temporary solution that you lose the effect of after you hang up, or leave his office - you've made the changes yourself, so you're using your own abilities, but only through Brian's leading you in what to do, and using his amazing intuitiveness to help you to focus on what will make an improvement in you."

Susan M.

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