Calculate BMI

     Calculate bmi with this online bmi calculator chart which tells you how much fat you need to lose. Don't worry about your scale weight - it's not as important and can be quite  misleading.

     To calculate  body mass index, you need to divide your body weight by the square of your height or use the simple chart below.

Weight: lbs.
Height: Ft. In.

Body Mass Index
According to the Panel on Energy, Obesity, and Body Weight Standards published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, your category is:

     After you calculate bmi for yourself check out the bmi calculator chart below which shows you which category you fall into:

18.4 or less = underweight

18.5 - 24.9 = normal

25.0 - 29.9 = unhealthy

30.0 - above = obese

Limitations of the BMI Calculator Chart

     A definition of body mass index is that it is a measure of body fat based on height and weight.   It's a reasonable indicator of body fatness for most people although it has it's limitations.   Be aware that it can over estimate fat in people with a muscular build, like athletes.   It can also under estimate fat in older people who may have lost more muscle mass than a younger person.

     You also need to consider your bone structure.   People with large frames, big boned people, may be heavier for their height than a slender person of the same height with delicate, thin bones.

     These figures need to be taken with a grain of salt because you need to be mindful as well of  your gender, bone structure, age and muscle mass.

     But even with these caveats, figuring out your body mass index is a better way of monitoring your progress in losing fat than getting on a scale. Scale weight fluctuates greatly day by day even sometimes hour by hour.

     Water and muscle add to scale weight and can be misleading and discouraging if you try to keep too close an eye on it.

calculate bmi

     Instead, calculate bmi to see where you stand in relation to most people and to know how much body fat you need to lose. To reduce the miscalculation for muscle you can also determine body mass index by comparing your waist circumference.

     If you have a waist size of 33 inches you are at a healthy weight, 45 inches you are overweight and a 60 inch waist means you are obese.

     When you measure your waist be sure to measure when you are breathing out, not in, to get an accurate measure.

     Your waist measurement is the most critical one because you are measuring belly fat which indicates a greater health risk for you!

     Belly fat or visceral fat is harder to get rid of and a sign of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.   Scientists don't know why but high insulin over many years leads to the body depositing fat at your waist.   If you have belly fat you will need extra help.

     There is some controversy associated with bmi calculations for the reasons stated above and because apparently these are used by insurance companies to assess overall health.

      Since the body mass index can be used as a reason to deny coverage, naturally there is great concern that the mitigating factors stated above are not considered adequately.

      However, for your purposes you can calculate bmi here and determine for yourself a baseline for fat loss which is very helpful.

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