Decaf Coffee - High Glycemic?

by Lynn

Visitor Question:

We read that coffee can increase the sugars in the body, what about decaf coffee?

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers: that's an interesting story. I love coffee so I was very interested in what makes it high glycemic. But first the short answer to your question is that yes, decaf coffee IS low glycemic. But what about the real stuff. Why does it cause your blood sugar to rise as you mentioned?

It turns out that what causes the insulin spikes with regular coffee is the fact that the natural antioxidants in coffee are burned out with the roasting! So I found a coffee that is formulated to leave the antioxidants in so that it does NOT raise your blood sugar and it's much healthier for you. These antioxidants are called chlorogenic acids (not the same as harsh acids.) They reduce the harsh acids so it's easier on your stomach too.

Yes, caffeine can increase insulin secretion. Coffee and flavored coffee products increase insulin secretion unless they have been specifically formulated to be low glycemic. As far as I know there is no other coffee on the market that leaves in the chlorogenic acids, the antioxidants which prevent the glucose secretion.

It's the same reason why eating enough antioxidants in vegetables and fresh fruits also reduces our blood sugar.

The decaf, ground or instant is also low glycemic as long as you don't put a commercial creamer in it or any high glycemic sugars.

With coffee it's super important to pay attention to what you put in it. With decaf especially people drink more of it and all the cream and the teaspoons of high glycemic sweeteners add up fast. It's better to drink it with a little milk and a low glycemic sweetener or black.

Did you know that coffee has some great nutritional benefits? And it has some fat burning properties and it can increase your metabolism! But to get these benefits you need coffee with the antioxidants left in.

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