Fat Loss Programs - A Closer Look at Two

fat loss programs

     There are so many fat loss programs vying for your attention, on television, in the news, how do you know what works and what's a waste of time and money? Are these weight loss systems teaching you solid weight management principles and is the program individualized for you?

     How do the top two U.S. commercial diet plans compare to the Lifetime Fat Loss Plan? My plan includes at least an hour long consultation and 3 months of highly individualized coaching so you can be sure of making the essential, long term changes that are critical to your success.

     What got my attention about the Jenny Craig and Nutrisystems fat loss programs was an article in "Consumer Reports" which looked at the taste, expense and quality of their main attraction, prepackaged foods. What these weight loss programs are selling with these meals is built in portion control and convenience. They do this by creating and marketing prepackaged foods that are easy to prepare and supposed to be helping people lose weight and presumably keep it off.

     Are the meals low glycemic and nutritious? Have you solved your metabolic and hormone problems?

     Yes, I’ve seen the television ads too and the pictures of really big people who DO lose a lot of weight with these fat loss programs. Why?

     Maybe it's the coaching that some programs provide and the discipline that results from it. Because what the companies are selling with their "shelf stable" food is small portions that are already prepared and ready to go.

     Shelf stable food has to have a lot of preservatives in it. Preservatives have high glycemic additives! Are these foods raising your blood sugar? If they do then they will contribute to fat storage over the long term. Are they helping you to change your habits? Is this really a permanent plan to keep the fat off?

fat loss programs

     It’s great to lose 2 pounds a week but if you have to buy special foods that are already prepackaged so that the nutrition is greatly diminished, have you learned to shop, cook and take care of your own lifetime of fat loss? Have you learned how to make the correct food choices of low glycemic foods that do not raise your blood sugar? Can this work for the rest of your life?

     As Consumer Reports points out “The best diet is the one you can stick to.” The one that you can stick to will taste fantastic, be completely satisfying and meet all your nutritional needs so that you aren’t craving sweets and you aren't on a metabolic roller coaster. Temporary diets do NOT work!

     What if you could lose 2 lbs. a week and completely change your lifestyle so the loss is permanent?    This is what you get here.

     The most effective fat loss program teaches you how "to fish," how to live at your goal weight!    It's my mission here at Lifetime Fat Loss.

      There's an old saying that goes " give a man some fish and he will eat for a day or you can teach him how to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life."

Have you learned to fish yet?

      You need to learn what YOU can do on your own for a lifetime of fat loss. Most people greatly benefit from an individual assessment and a specific plan to correct the hormone and metabolic imbalances. It's important to know which nutritional deficiencies lead to fat storage and how you may be unintentionally sabotaging your own efforts.

     The Lifetime Fat Loss plan is an aggressive, comprehensive, individualized plan for you to not only lose the fat but keep it off for a lifetime. Fill out the survey and sign up for an HOUR long weight management consultation which includes follow up coaching to start learning how to live at your goal weight.

     Consumer Reports made a taste analysis of these two fat loss program biggies. As they point out, it's not difficult to achieve the same thing with far better taste results and I would add far greater nutrition on your own. Not only that but you can also make better food choices for losing weight that are truly low glycemic.

     These prepackaged foods are expensive and as Consumer Reports says some of them taste “ok.”

     Nutrisystems charges $300 for 4 weeks of meals. Jenny Craig charges $264 plus shipping. So what are you getting here?

     Not much nutrition, apparently not much taste and some of this food may not be low glycemic!

     You may be getting portion control but after all anyone can go to the refrigerator and get more food if they so desire. The idea is if you are committed enough to invest in the food you will stick with it. Fat loss programs DO create incentive.   You have skin in the game so to speak, so you are more motivated to follow the program.

     However, to actually change habits the commitment needs to be to yourself and your health. With the Lifetime Fat Loss plan you can learn the skills to manage your weight for yourself for the rest of your life

     When you invest your time in learning how to manage your weight (fish) then you can be lean for a lifetime. It IS possible to have permanent weight loss and live at your goal weight!

     These issues can be resolved with professional consultation and coaching. There are many tools and strategies that you can learn to help promote your fat burning and increase your metabolism. The most effective fat loss programs help you to change your habits. It takes at least 4 weeks to change a habit and with follow up coaching you CAN be successful.

Invest in yourself by learning how to fish!

Healthy Diets and Weight Loss Programs

You can change your lifestyle when you adopt these guaranteed for success habits.

Jenny Craig Meals Comparison

What about these shelf stable meals...do they lead to permanent fat loss?

Nutrisystems Meals Comparison

Compare these meals to fresh and easy low glycemic meals.

Low Carb High Protein Diet

This is an extremely unhealthy diet!

Low Fat High Protein Diet

You need plant fats to be healthy and lose weight permanently.

Burn Belly Fat

This is a safe, natural fat blocker that really works to burn fat effectively.

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