Finding Fructose Made From Fruit

by Norma
(Phoenix, AZ)

Visitor Question:

I am having a difficult time finding fructose made from fruit. All I'm finding is fructose made from corn syrup. Can you please tell me some brands made from fruit? Thanks.

Lifetime Fat Loss:

Hi Norma,

I think you are looking for the granular fructose for baking? Apparently, according to one of my sharp eyed readers, real fruit, granular fructose is no longer available. See the comments to this question. All fructose, according to my reader, is made from cheap corn. It may still be low glycemic but be aware that it could be derived from GMO corn. High fructose corn syrup is an ingredient in other products; it will not be available as a dry product by itself.

It's a bit confusing but they are completely different. Pure fructose was once marketed as a health supplement as it is considered a nutritive sweetener and actually enhances the flavors of foods. It was made from real fruit. It had a low glycemic index while high fructose corn syrup always has a high glycemic index.

Pure fructose is granular and it's the real fruit fructose I'm referring to on my low glycemic sweetener list. I'm not sure that it's still readily available. In fact, I think you will have trouble finding fructose that is actually made from fruit. Fructose, whether it's made from corn or fruit is a lighter texture and not as fine as regular white sugar.

There are lots of commercial products that contain corn syrup and fructose made from corn syrup as you've noticed. The labels will say " high fructose corn syrup" and those, of course you want to avoid. If a product ingredient just says fructose you may want to ask the store what it's made from.

Another suggestion for you for baking is to buy coconut or palm sugar in granulated form at your natural foods market. It's very easy to find in bags and in fact you might even find it at the super market now. It's very similar to fructose in texture and in taste. They both result in more crumbly baked goods than refined sugar and they definitely won't be as sweet.

It's a different taste for sure. However, if you are now primarily eating low glycemic foods you have broken your sugar addiction and these desserts will taste so much better. Cookies especially, if they are made from refined sugar will taste much too sweet.

I buy a brand of cookies made by Pamela that are gluten free and made with fructose. The sugar content is low. Anything under 10 grams per serving is low. I love the chocolate bits/pecan Pamela cookies. They are mildly sweet compared to cookies made from refined sugar but they are quite delicious and satisfy my cookie desire. And they will NOT raise your blood sugar!

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