Foods That Burn Belly Fat

      These foods that burn belly fat are going to be a big surprise to you!

      I'm not talking about the foods that help you to control your blood sugar,  as good for you as they are.  The food I'm talking about is the one food that was shown in a recent study to secrete a hormone that promotes burning body fat.

   What if I told you that that these are common foods that you usually pass by in the grocery store.    Why is that?    I think because you may be confused about whether it’s safe, how much it costs and then what to do it with it when you get it home.   

     These foods pay such huge health dividends and YES they are the foods that burn belly fat, that you’ve got to overcome these hurdles and add them to your diet.  

     So what food am I talking about?           FISH

     Fish actually ARE the foods that burn belly fat and help you to manage your weight.   Fish is also an excellent food for your heart, brain and eyes!   The difficulty is that it's hard to find fish these days that is not farm raised and polluted with chemicals or living in polluted waters.

      Look for wild fish from Alaska or from the north Atlantic.    Fish that are high in mercury and should be avoided are swordfish, king mackerel, shark and tilefish.    You also need to be aware that there are fish that are simply getting fished out.  The best fish to eat are:

wild salmon
wild trout
sable fish
striped bass
wild rainbow trout

     A  study conducted at the University of S. Australia, in Adelaide in the Department of Nutritional Physiology in March of 2005, indicated that consumption of fish along with moderate aerobic exercise supports weight control.     How?

  According to the study, marine foods stimulate secretion of leptin, the hormone that decreases appetite and promotes the burning of body fat. These fatty acids in fish (called omega 3s) also promote burning of fats by helping to move fatty acids into cells where they can be burned as fuel.

    The fish on this list are safe to eat and contain no mercury.   It's  sustainable seafood that has not been subjected to unhealthy farming practices.   You don’t need to buy only fresh fish either.      Look for wild fish that's frozen or canned.   It's usually cheaper and more available.  Since processing is usually done right on fishing docks, it’s as good as fresh caught.

     Fish are tremendous sources of omega 3 fatty acids, the fats that promote fat burning.  There are also some omega 3 fatty acids in some plant oils, especially flaxseed, raw nuts and avocado.    However, the best source of these important omega 3 fatty acids are marine foods.    Fish slow down your digestion and make you feel full longer. Fish is the perfect diet food.   

     If fish are the foods that burn belly fat, why aren’t Americans eating more fish?

     Two reasons and one is that most people don't know that eating fish will help them lose fat.  The other is that most of us don't know what's good to buy or what to do with it.  

      For a long time we didn't know which fish to eat; is it being caught responsibly, does it have mercury?   Now there are monitoring systems looking at these questions and informing us.*   Now we know which fish to buy and the list above is an excellent place to start.    Fish is a very safe, affordable and healthy protein source that is readily available.    It's hard to find credible information about the real foods that burn belly fat!

     It's  best to buy fish that's  from America or Canada.   The U.S. fisheries are better managed and have more environmental regulations than other countries.   West coast waters are cleaner than the Atlantic and Alaskan waters are the cleanest.   Avoid farm raised salmon.   It is actually fed corn (high glycemic) which is definitely not a food it would eat in the wild and  farmed salmon is treated with dyes.

     Look for retailers who sell only sustainable seafood.  Costco’s on the west coast is on board with this program.   Safeway grocery store is starting a sustainable fish program which will be fully operational in 2015.   Ask your fish market clerk which fish are wild and caught according to sustainable standards.   Consumer demand still drives the market so we need to let the stores know what we want!   Do not be afraid to ask the fish market where the fish has come from.   Farmed salmon is not healthy for you or for the fish.  The label has to say "wild."  If it says "Atlantic Salmon"  it's  farmed salmon.

      See the sources below for further guides to buying sustainable fish.  Canned and frozen fish are NOT expensive.  Sometimes when it is wild and fresh it can be pricy but there are many frozen and canned alternatives.   When you buy it canned make sure that it is canned in water and drain it well.    

     Make a fish soup with some veggies which can be a complete meal.  Eat fish 3  times a week and as a substitute for meat.    When you put fish in a salad you have a very hearty meal.  You'll  be burning belly fat, increasing your metabolism and eating less saturated fat!   

      Foods that burn belly fat are foods that burn fat, period.  Belly fat is the hardest to lose but it can be done.

      The omega-3 sources of food, those that contain essential fatty acids are the ones that we need to balance our metabolism.

      Fish has been proven in clinical studies to burn fat including belly fat. Marine foods are foods that burn belly fat and are essential for a lifetime of fat loss and for our health.  

     Keep reading the articles below for more information on foods that lower blood sugar and help you burn fat! The Blue Ocean Institute has great information on sustainable seafood and a downloadable guide to best choices.

* The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a seafood watch pocket guide for each region of the U.S. that you can print out and take with you shopping.

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