Getting Rid of Belly Fat

     Getting rid of belly fat seems to be one of the hardest things on the planet to do. Why is it that fat, which can be distributed all over our bodies gets most stuck here - right in the middle? Why is it that women who sometimes have been slender all their lives often develop this tire of fat around the middle at menopause?

      I have had women tell me that they have changed nothing else in their lives but after the age of 50 this tire appeared gradually and seems attached to them like concrete. Belly fat on women gets the most attention but it happens to men too.

Belly Fat Causes

    There are two very important circumstances that occur at middle age that contribute to belly fat and they are equally important.

     * The first is that by middle age you may have had a challenge with your weight for many years and by this time you have been on many diets rather than changing your eating habits to healthier foods.

     All those diets made your weight problem worse.

     Your fat cells (adipocytes) never go away.   This is why getting rid of belly fat seems so impossible. 

     When you go on a diet they shrink for a short period of time if you are not eating high glycemic foods but when you resume your old habits what happens?   You are fatter than before!

     Why is that?    Because you add more fat cells each time you regain your weight. You have adipocyte division, which is the proliferation of fat cells, if you have more calories going in then you are expending in energy.  

     Diets by their nature are looking at short term weight loss so they often require a restriction of foods your body actually needs. Sometimes in order to attain unrealistic goals of a diet, the restriction of calories is so great you are simply starving yourself and often losing water and muscle.

Your body cannot tell the difference between starvation and a diet.

     When your body goes into survival mode it needs to “hang on” to the fat to enable you to survive the lack of food. It protects the fat cells. So as soon as you think you have actually lost some of your fat and go back to your old ways of eating, the fat cells multiply and expand quickly. Getting rid of belly fat is not possible on a diet which ignores good nutrition.

     Your body stores toxins in fat. Is it possible that the body’s cleansing system cannot cope with the toxins if you aren’t getting enough antioxidants to support the cleansing and it simply shuts down the fat burning process?

     If you are on a low carb diet this is more of a risk since many low glycemic carbs are high in antioxidants.   More studies are needed to know for sure but this is definitely the time to add more antioxidant foods to your eating plan.   Oxidative stress caused by toxins results in free radicals and inefficient metabolism.  With yo yo dieting your metabolism becomes more and more sluggish.   A sluggish metabolism will not allow you to release the fat around your middle.

Belly Fat Diet

     The bottom line is that good nutrition becomes even more essential after the age of 50 when that belly fat shows up.   Getting rid of belly fat requires that you finally take seriously the need to eat for your health.

     The best belly fat diet is a low glycemic eating plan intended to be a lifelong way of eating. By the age of 50 if you are not eating low glycemically you are going to be fat or prone to illness or both.

     In fact, we now know that if you have insulin resistance, because your blood sugar has been chronically high too long, your body stores fat at the midriff. This is the time to fish or cut bait as far as healthy eating habits. For the best belly fat diet go to our low glycemic Mediterranean diet plan.

     You need to have good quality protein to burn fat and build muscle. Calcium helps in fat burning as do essential fatty acids.   Fiber assists the waste process.   You need to give your body what it needs to process the waste and speed up your metabolism.   It requires antioxidants, amino acids (the proteins,) vitamins and minerals, the omega 3 fatty acids, the good fats and water, phytonutrients from plant foods and glyconutrients.

* The second circumstance that happens at middle age that causes belly fat is that this is the time of life when our bodies make less HORMONES.

     The challenge to getting rid of belly fat is that this is likely a HORMONE problem. What happens at menopause around the age of 50? Our bodies are making fewer hormones. If we are making fewer hormones to help us with the processes that support balanced metabolism, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to lose excess fat.

     Burning fat is a complicated chemical process that is harder after the age of 50.   The fat collects at the midriff and getting rid of belly fat becomes a major challenge.  So what to do? To make hormones your body needs phytosterols that are in some plant foods.  We often don't eat enough.   After the age of 50, our bodies need an extra boost, because even with the best nutrition your body just doesn't respond as readily as it did when you were younger!

How To Burn Belly Fat

     There is something you can do that will give your body that extra boost it needs to make more hormones. You can take a high quality phytosterol supplement with very specific nutrients that support your body in making the hormones it needs in the proper balance. It is available by calling toll free 855-485-5373.

     Additional information about the product is available upon request. If you have a middle aged tire around your middle that you cannot shed, I strongly recommend taking this product to help you make more hormones, balance your metabolism and get rid of that excess fat. Getting rid of belly fat is definitely possible but likely you will need the extra jump start. 

Lose Fat Maintain Muscle

It's possible to lose fat without losing muscle and I have a product to help you do just that.

Eccentric Exercise

This is the exercise to focus on for your daily workouts.

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