Healthy Diets and Weight Loss Programs

healthy diets and weight loss programs

    Lifetime fat loss is the best of the healthy diets and weight loss programs!    That's because the information you learn here is about changing your lifestyle. 

     This website is updated almost daily with consistently solid, scientific news about how you can really lose weight that won't ever come back.   Losing fat permanently doesn't require more will power as much as updating your thinking about food and exercise.   Then you must change your habits one habit at a time.

     When evaluating any weight loss program ask yourself this, is it a temporary diet that uses artificial stimulants or is it nutrition based?   What will you learn that will lead to permanent weight loss?   And do you have the personal support in your environment to change your habits?

     Read on to learn which powerful new habits to adopt starting today to lose fat for a lifetime.

     Lifetime fat loss is NOT a diet in the sense of “going on a diet” that you usually think about when you are fat. Nor is it a “weight loss program” that is completely structured and requires counting calories or obsessing about how much glycemic load is in each food you eat.   It is about creating new habits.    

     Instead of beating yourself up about being weak, adopt one new habit at a time.   Do it for a month and it will be your's.  These are the most important ones:

  • If your routine is to get off work and make a beeline for the refrigerator, have a bowl of fresh fruit on hand. Have your walking shoes out and ready for you so that after a low glycemic snack you can walk out the door for a 30 minute power walk!
  • When you have an emotional reaction to someone or something learn to respond to this emotional trigger with physical activity.  Go outside and walk it off.  This habit alone will change your life dramatically.
  • Buy a pedometer and go outside and get moving!   You need the natural high from aerobic exercise that will carry over to burning fat. Inside exercise is great too (when you stay with it) but you need both.     Healthy diets and weight loss programs include a truly fun exercise as an essential component.
  • Instead of obsessing about calories  eat mostly the high fiber foods, fresh vegetables, fruits, raw nuts,* seeds and  beans.   Eat less meat and more omega 3 foods.
  • Every day say to yourself, "I'm healthier and thinner."
  • Get rid of all the temptation in your house!    Until you mostly crave healthy foods don't even have the unhealthy ones around.   They are making you ill.
  •  Buy yourself a good blender or juicer and start juicing.   Raw fruits and veggies get glucose to your brain and they are filling. Healthy diets and weight loss programs include lots of raw foods.
  • Give up your notion of losing weight fast.   Healthy diets and weight loss programs do not promote losing weight fast. If you lose 1 - 2 pounds a week it is more likely to be a permanent change.
  •   Measure yourself and take down your measurements instead of  focusing on scale weight.   You’ll be building muscle which weighs as much as fat, so initially it will seem like you are not progressing if you only weigh yourself.
  • Food is a celebration of a life!   Eat in the company of others. Make it a ritual with flowers on the table, a glass of wine, a friend to laugh with. Never eat standing up. Be a mindful eater. Be grateful for where the food came from and what it took to get it to you. When you appreciate food you tend to eat less of it.
  • Take small portions on your plate. Always wait 10 minutes to let your brain tell you whether you are full before having more. When you want something sweet, eat fruit!
  • Never eat when you are stressed or bored. Instead use that time to add steps to your pedometer. When you are feeling emotional about something take a walk to clear your mind and fortify your heart. When you get home clean a closet, mop the floor, clear your desk, organize your office. Healthy diets and weight loss programs should be freeing you from emotional eating.
  • Choose your thoughts carefully. Are you being kind and respectful to yourself? YOU have the power to be in charge, don’t give it away to whoever pushes your buttons. If your healthy ideal goal weight is 120 pounds then write that down and each morning tell yourself that is what you weigh. Then live like that is your weight. It soon will be.

     These are powerful habits to have. Take them seriously. If you do...

     You won't be looking for healthy diets and weight loss programs when you have established a few new habits.   You will be skinnier and your life will just BE more healthy.   You don't have to lose every pound you've ever gained.     Just lose a little and then a little more.

     The usual UN-healthy diets and weight loss programs  set you up to think about nothing BUT food! When you’re monitoring everything so closely you can’t help but think about food constantly. This is a mind game. Forget about your weight, forget about your extra fat. If you do all these things I’m telling you the fat will take care of itself. Let go of all your worry about your fat.

      Focus instead on seeing yourself slender and healthy. When you are healthy and you have lower blood sugar naturally you will be exactly the right weight for you. We do not need to be pencil thin – that’s not healthy either. Healthy diets and weight programs are  about your life choices.

*Remember losing some weight and keeping it off permanently is far better than losing none.*


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