Healthy Eating Facts

healthy eating facts

Here are the top 7 healthy eating facts that can guide you and your family to better health:

      1. Eat Mostly Real Foods -   This means it comes from a plant, a grain (seed) or an animal.    If it's in a box or cellophane wrap and it has a list of ingredients that you do not recognize as food, it's a long way from being alive.   Make sure that most of what you eat all day is meant to support life.

These are natural, low glycemic foods that are not processed, have no added hormones or antibiotics and are not genetically modified.   This is traditionally how people have eaten for thousands of years.   In the past 60 years we have gotten away from eating real food and it has been at a great cost to our health.

     2.  Eat Low Glycemic Foods -   Are you aware that the food you eat can spike your blood sugar causing a little buzz but then a big drop in energy a short time later that can leave you weak and craving something sweet?  

Healthy eating facts include the significance of the  glycemic index.   Even if you are not diabetic or fat,  you will benefit from eating foods that have a low glycemic index because nourishing food will metabolize slowly sustaining your energy longer.

If you want to release fat, eat low glycemic foods.   Click here for a list of high glycemic foods and the  low glycemic foods.

     3.  Eat More Vegetables and Fruits -   Think about color.  The antioxidants are in the phytochemicals that give color to produce.   If you are getting yellows, reds, greens and some occasional blues you're on the right track.       No pill will ever take the place of eating these real foods. 

These foods actually greatly reduce the chance of you getting heart disease, cancer, infectious diseases and obesity.   The USDA recommends that we get 8 - 10 servings a day.   Half of what you eat every day needs to be vegetables and fruit.  Half your plate each meal can be vegetables and fruit. 

 You will reduce your doctor bills dramatically the rest of your life when you eat this way.

     4.  Eat More of the Good Fats -  
Over the past decade there have been more studies done indicating the importance of foods with omega 3 fatty acids for your immune system and hormonal balance.     These are the fats in plant foods (raw nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, seed and nut butters, coconut and coconut oil,  and fish (seafood.)   You will get enough unsaturated fat in your diet when you eat these foods.  

    5.  Eat Less Meat But Better Quality Meat -   When thinking about healthy eating facts it's important to consider that most of the world eats far less meat than we do in the United States.   Western diets generally include an excessive amount of meat and other animal products and we have the highest rates of heart disease in the world.    You get too much saturated fat when you eat a lot of meat. 

 Diets high in meat consumption (more than 20% meat) lead to higher rates of cancer, heart disease and obesity. Eat less meat that is of a higher quality - grass fed, organic and locally grown, meat that is not loaded up with hormones and antibiotics. When you eat  less meat this is affordable.  Hormones and antibiotics disrupt your hormone balance and weaken your immune system.

Eight ounces of meat for 2 people is enough when it's stir fried and added to grains or pasta or salad.   You don't need to eat meat more than 2 or 3 times a week.    One serving of meat is roughly the size of the palm of your hand.  

     6.   Eat Healthy Snacks -   Three square meals a day?   Healthy eating facts tell us that this may not be the best way to eat. You are better off to eat 3 small meals  and 2 low glycemic snacks throughout the day. You can have a snack 3 hours after a meal if you're hungry so that your regular meal can be smaller.   Smaller meals and small snacks (and enough exercise) will ensure the release of fat.

Your body will be able to let go of fat when you eat this way and you will be increasing your metabolism and sustaining your energy all day long. Not sure what a low glycemic snack is? Go to portion control tips and scroll down for some low glycemic snack ideas.

     7.  Avoid These Foods -   These are healthy eating facts: processed foods, genetically modified foods and most white foods are not that good for you.   These are the big NO NOs: 

Refined sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners,  refined white flours and rice, genetically modified foods, shortening, artificial fats, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, processed lunch meats, dehydrated eggs and dairy products, refined vegetable oils (cottonseed, canola, corn, soybean, safflower,)  and deep fried foods.

      Foods that are white have the nutrition stripped out. You want to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Look for whole grains, especially sprouted whole grains.   Sweeten your foods with low glycemic sweeteners.

     Do you need to buy organic food?    What are the healthy eating facts when it comes to organics.  Organic food is more expensive because when you don't use toxins to kill weeds and fertilize your soil you have to invest in expensive equipment.   Organic farm management is labor intensive.   

     Do what you can afford but prioritize buying organic, grass fed, free range meats and eggs.   If you can't afford organic produce wash your vegetables and fruits thoroughly with water and buy what's grown in your area that's in season.   

     These are the top 7 healthy eating facts that will keep you slim and in excellent health for a lifetime! Good eating is not expensive. What is expensive is not eating according to healthy eating facts because you could be spending more money on medical bills.   Guess what the other big pay off is?   When you eat this way you will be programming your body to let go of excess fat.

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