High Glycemic Foods

     High glycemic foods cause obesity in children and adults and need to be avoided by everyone who wants to lose weight and maintain good health!

      These are foods with a high glycemic index which means they are foods that will raise your blood sugar.   They are the "white foods," the highly refined and processed foods that line every grocery store aisle and are the ones everyone buys because they are fast to cook and they seem economical.  They are the foods that come  in boxes with ingredients that you don't recognize.   They are white breads, sugar, donuts, all pastries, all starchy foods like white potatoes and any food that's been preserved with chemical additives to maintain a long shelf life. 

High Glycemic Fruits

applesauce, with added sugar or corn syrup apricots, canned or dried banana, yellow dried fruit
dates fruit cocktail, canned in natural juice or light or heavy syrup kiwi, over ripe lychee, mango, very ripe
canned pineapple prunes pumpkin raisins

     The complete list of the foods that elevate insulin will have all the prepackaged, highly refined, processed foods on it.   If it comes in a box read the label!   Notice that all white breads (or very light beige) are high glycemic.

     The high glycemic sweeteners that cause obesity and other health problems in young children and adults are identified on the list of high glycemic foods linked above and also in our article about the foods that cause too much acid in your system. These are the sodas and sports drinks that are even found in the cafeterias of elementary schools these days.

High Glycemic Breads, Cookies, Crackers, Pastries and Cereals

     If it doesn't say 100% wholewheat the kernel has been removed which means it is stripped of any nutrients.    The label could say wheat flour but have no other grains (like barley, buckwheat, millet or oats)  listed so it is high glycemic.

     All breads, bagels, biscuits, muffins,  French baguettes, hamburger and hot dog buns, pancakes, taco shells, white rolls, white wheat bread, wheat bread, even whole wheat bread unless it is 100% stoneground,  croissants, breadsticks, croutons and melba toast. 

     Most commercial cereals are high glycemic foods with very few exceptions.  Better to eat the cooked grains.  All commercial scones, cakes and cookies.  You may find some 100% whole grain products in a natural foods store but read the labels carefully. 

     Yes, the 7 and 9 grain, 100% wholewheat, and best of all, the sprouted grains are more expensive but in the long run obesity and poor health will cost you a fortune.

      Many of the seemingly healthier foods that are consumed regularly by children in the form of fruit juice drinks and fruit snacks like fruit roll ups can also raise blood sugar.

     They are ok healthwise if children are eating primarily low glycemic foods most of the time and are not fat.   That is they are ok if they are made from 100% fruit.

     They will cause a spike in blood sugar and for children who get too many high glycemic foods, they will store these foods as fat. These are high glycemic foods, especially the juices made from them. Overweight children may not know any better so they need to be guided.

High Glycemic Fruit and Vegetable Juices

beet juice carrot juice prune juice watermelon juice

white and red grape juice

     Avoid drinking your fruit as much as possible.    If you do have fruit juice make it 100% pure fruit juice with no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup and have no more than 1/2 cup mixed with water.   The more pulp it has the lower the glycemic index.    Fruit is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but the juices will spike your insulin and it's just too much sugar to consume all at once.  It's always better to drink water and eat whole fruit. 

      However,  vegetable juices are different even the high glycemic ones.   Beet juice and carrot juice are so nutrient dense and do not raise your blood sugar the way fruit juices do.  They are superbly healthy choices.  Don't let the fact that beet juice and carrot juice have a high glycemic index prevent you from drinking them.  They are not carbohydrate dense and do NOT have a glycemic load.   

High Glycemic Fruit Snacks

  • fruit roll ups
  • fruit leathers

High Glycemic Jams and Jellies

     Avoid if they contain corn syrup, sucrose, maltodextrins, dextrose or any other high glycemic ingredients.

High Glycemic Nut Butters

Jif peanut butter, creamy and extra crunchy Jif Sensations, chocolate silk and apple cinimon Simply Jif, creamy Laura Scudder's reduced fat, smooth

Peter Pan, creamy, crunchy, reduced fat

Reese's, creamy Skippy, creamy, creamy peanut butter spread, super chunk Smuckers Goober grape jelly and peanut butter

     All the commercial nut butters are usually loaded with high glycemic ingredients and other additives.   Again, it's the commercial nut butters above that are marketed to children and are highly appealing to them because they are so sweet.  There are many good nut butters on the market so there is no reason to buy these.   The ones at the natural foods stores are much better for you without all of the high glycemic additives. They can be eaten sparingly.

     There are many "hidden" high glycemic carbohydrates in highly processed foods that are not labeled as sugars but they act like sugars spiking your blood sugar.

     I have provided a list of these high glycemic preservatives you need to look for when you are reading labels.

     To lose weight permanently you can just avoid these high glycemic foods which can cause all sorts of other health problems in addition to triggering your body's fat storage mechanisms.   

     Keep reading the articles below to learn more about managing your blood sugar and your weight.

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