How to Create Low Glycemic Meals?

by Benjre Neff

Visitor Question:

What I need to know is how can I use the list of low glycemic foods to create meals without using recipes? Can I mix foods from different food groups in one meal or use high glycemic foods? Like having a chicken breast and squash with olives, lettuce, spinach and tomatoes or some chicken with a salad and cottage cheese? I'm the only one in my house who wants to lose weight and avoid getting diabetes. The other two men in my house are already diabetic and have another way of eating. I need to have my own way of eating and need help.

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

If you go to Eating Healthy On A Budget you'll get some ideas for some basic foods to build meals around. Yes, you definitely can mix food groups and should. You need protein, carbs and fats at every meal even snacks. So, the foods you mentioned for a meal, chicken or cottage cheese with vegetables, are perfect for a low glycemic meal. If you eat mostly unsaturated fats, the plant fats that are in nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado and fish, you'll be better able to lose fat. Just don't eat too much of them. Read Portion Control Tips to get a handle on your portion sizes.

A teapoon of olive oil goes a long way on meat or vegetables! It sounds contradictory but you need good fats to burn fat. Also when you include these fats in a meal they fill you up.

To cook without using recipes buy some good seasonings you like. Also using lots of fresh garlic and chopped green onions will add flavor to meat, grain, bean dishes and eggs. Recipes are great when you have the time and want to try something new but for daily eating just keep it simple.

You can make your low glycemic grains the main dish. Cook up some lentils and eat them with a sweet potato and a salad. Here's an idea for a simple meal. You can buy lentils at any grocery store in a bag in the grain section or in bulk in the natural foods section. They only need 20 minutes boiled in water to cover by 3 or 4 inches. Drain them, put on a teaspoon or so of olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste. You don't need butter on your sweet potato (jewel yams are sweetest.) Then just throw a simple salad together with an oil and vinegar dressing. You could have fresh fruit for dessert with a little unsweetened yogurt if you're still hungry.

You can combine 4 oz. - 6 oz. meat and 1 cup cooked beans and vegetables for a simple soup that is a meal by itself. Just cook garlic and onions in a little olive oil, add your meat cut in 2" chunks, stir well, add water enough to cover and cook about 10 minutes. Add whatever chopped vegetables you like, celery, cabbage, or dark, leafy greens and 4 - 6 cups of water and simmer until meat and vegetables are cooked, about 15 minutes. Add seasonings and serve. Sometimes adding a little vinegar or fresh squeezed lemon enhances the flavor. You will have plenty of leftovers that can be frozen for another meal.

You can also just cook the way you have always cooked but using no processed foods, no sugar, no high glycemic flours, no potatoes, rice or corn. Reduce the saturated fat you've always eaten and eat more of the unsaturated fats. Instead of white potatoes eat sweet potatoes. Instead of rice eat barley, bulgur or quinoa. Instead of corn eat beans. Dairy products are low glycemic and you can buy low fat to keep your saturated fat intake down.

I hope this will get you started! If you try some of the recipes at Low Glycemic Recipes and get familiar with them it won't take long before you can do them without the recipe in front of you.

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