How To Lose Belly Fat

More Foods That Burn Belly Fat!

     Everyone wants to know how to lose belly fat permanently.  If you are getting a fat belly, read on. 

     Often belly fat is a sign of visceral fat that comes with insulin resistance so you may want to have your blood sugar tested or take preventive measures by getting acquainted with the insulin resistance diet.

       The first thing to know about how to lose belly fat is that it requires  a comprehensive approach.  After you have started cleaning up your diet you can adopt more strategies.    Are you eating fat burning foods regularly?    One of those foods, a whey powder that targets fat, can be added to a low fat smoothie recipe.

      You can have belly fat loss, no matter how long you've had that tire, when you add a special, calcium rich whey powder* to your diet and some exercises that build muscle in the same area where the fat is now.

     Did you know you need calcium to stabilize your weight and lose belly fat?

     Researchers agree that calcium needs to be in food where it occurs naturally.   It is much too hard for the body to absorb calcium that is taken in the form of supplements.    Another side note to the calcium connection is that it appears to help flush out excess water bloating weight gain.

     It makes sense to consider calcium intake in thinking about how to lose belly fat but the calcium you can get in foods.   There is a whey protein formula on the market that contains calcium that targets your fat while strengthening your bones and providing you with very high quality protein.    It actually helps you to feel full, so eating it before a meal helps you in eating smaller portions.   I no longer need to lose fat but I eat it for the protein and the calcium.    It is the best tool in your "how to lose belly fat" toolbox.

* To order call toll free 855-485-5373.

      There are so many unhealthy products on the market that promise fast weight loss but actually cause serious hormone imbalance or worse. Those pills, shots and other concoctions need to be avoided. Real fat loss does NOT happen fast. If the weight comes off fast it is either water or worse yet muscle. How to lose belly fat does NOT include unhealthy stimulants or restricting any one food group.

      The whey formula I like has been shown in a clinical study to promote fat loss while maintaining muscle in combination with a reduced calorie diet and proper exercise.

      This got my attention because there are two factors to consider when you look at products that are supposed to help you to lose fat.    Is it a healthy food and is there a study demonstrating that it actually works?

      Whey is a normal byproduct of cheesemaking.   It is the liquid that is left after the solids in the milk come together and solidify.   Then this whey liquid is filtered and purified, removing the water to produce a powder which is high quality protein but has had the fat and lactose removed.    It helps to build lean body mass by increasing the body's production of muscle protein.    Excellent - this is what we want, replacing fat with muscle.

     In this particular whey product, you get 20% of your dietary requirement for protein and 22% of your daily requirement of calcium per serving!   Research reports that women who consume enough calcium are less likely to gain weight.   This whey protein powder promotes the building of lean muscle which you need to replace that belly fat! It fits all the requirements for helping you with how to lose belly fat.

  • Studies showing it targets the fat and releases it.
  • It has lots of calcium to support hormone balance.
  • It is a high quality protein source that builds muscle to replace fat.
  • It helps you to feel full and eat less at your meals.

      Will this food do the job – that is actually help you to shed the tire around your middle?    Yes, it will but only if you pay close attention to everything you are eating and take some additional steps to burn that fat! You need to eat according to the lifetime fat loss, low glycemic guidelines here and eliminate most white, processed foods from your diet.   You may have insulin resistance already so avoiding sugar and high glycemic foods is essential.

     The most efficient way to lose belly fat is to add the whey protein powder* to your morning and afternoon snacks.    The point is you want the fat to go, definitely not muscle and not just water.   The calcium in it helps you to flush the water out.    Remember that according to the research sited above, not getting enough calcium may cause a hormone imbalance that causes fat storage.

      And yes, you also need to build muscle in the region of your mid sector as well as eat the foods that burn belly fat.  How to lose belly fat also includes working on your stomach muscles.  There is no mistaking the tire you have just below the waist.   In addition to eating the right foods every day, if you are getting a fat belly, it is important that you also do some stomach exercises.

      Keep it simple but do it every day. How about 10 leg raises or 10 sit ups?   Start with 3 and build up.  That way you are replacing the fat with muscle. So remember that how to burn belly fat also includes 5 - 10 leg lifts a day or sit ups if you prefer. 

     Lie flat on your back with your hands at your sides and lift your legs straight and together as high as they will go using your stomach muscles.  Hold for the count of 5.   For a sit up lie flat on your back with your hands clasped behind your head  and your knees bent.  Raise up to touch your elbow to your knees alternating elbows. 




     Remember to be active every day, walk instead of drive, take the stairs. Tell yourself every day that you are successful and that you are rid of your belly fat!   Keep reading on the links below to learn how to lose fat permanently.

* To order whey protein powder call toll free 1-855-485-5373.

Foods That Burn Belly Fat

This common food burns fat like crazy!

Low Glycemic List of Raw Foods

These are the foods that you need to build your menus around.

Low Glycemic Calcium Rich Foods

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Good Fats

Fats are essential but concentrate on the plant fats.

Low Glycemic High Fiber Foods

Create meals around the high fiber, nutrient dense foods.

Low Glycemic Pastas

Pasta may be carbohydrate dense but it is low glycemic!

Low Glycemic Super Healthy Whole Grains

You will crave whole grains once you've changed your eating habits - the more seeds and nuts the better.    Sprouted grains are the best.

Low Glycemic Breakfast

Start your day the low glycemic way and you'll have good energy all day.

Low Glycemic Soups, Oriental Cuisine, Protein Foods

These foods do NOT raise your blood sugar.

Omega 3 Sources in Healthy Salads

This is the only way to eat a salad.

Good Sugars - Low Glycemic Sweeteners

You do not have to give up sweets!

Controlling Food Cravings

Freedom from food addictions means living at your ideal weight.

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