Jenny Craig Meals Comparison

     Jenny Craig meals are a part of a very popular weight loss program to lose they lead to permanent fat loss? My concern with this diet plan is not with the entire program which includes coaching and support. I do take issue with prepackaged foods that are "shelf stable" being a part of any healthy diet and especially one that is supposed to lead to fat loss.

     Consumer Reports critiqued Jenny Craig's meals as well as Nutrisystems and found that Jenny Craig's do taste better but not by a large margin. They characterized the foods as tasting "ok." It is important to note that the consumer provides the fruit, vegetables and dairy products so just how convenient and expensive are these meals?

      Is it the best weight loss plan for someone who wants to lose weight permanently? Fat loss programs need to include nutritious foods that do not raise your blood sugar.

     To be shelf stable is the opposite of fresh and implies that the food has preservatives which do not promote health and may, in fact, raise one's blood sugar.

      It's unstable and high blood sugar that leads to metabolic problems and often weight gain!   I believe that the consumer needs information on how to prepare great tasting nutritious, low glycemic meals easily without straining the budget.

    This Jenny Craig meals comparison shows each commercial meal redone the low glycemic way and compared for nutrition and impact on your blood sugar. Low glycemic foods will win the taste comparison because the fresher and the more “real” the food the better it tastes. It’s also food that is healthier for you and will NOT raise your blood sugar. You can often cook the meal in the same amount of time it takes you to pop something in a microwave.


Jenny Craig meals - Sunshine Sandwich – Sunshine Sandwich (English muffin with egg and ham and ranchero sauce,) 1 banana and 1 cup nonfat milk.

  • Lifetime Fat Loss comments: Bananas are a very starchy and high glycemic fruit to eat with a meal!    Nonfat milk ok. English muffin is high glycemic.
  • Lifetime Fat Loss recommends:   The low glycemic Egg in the Hole breakfast with a fresh orange.  


Jenny Craig meals - Vanilla Chocolate Crisp Anytime Bar.

  • Lifetime Fat Loss comments:    Read the ingredient list carefully.    Is maltodextrin in it?   Are there other high glycemic preservatives in the bar?
  • Lifetime Fat Loss recommends: A biochemically correct low glycemic snack of 7 walnuts, 6 oz. carton of yogurt with no added sugar but with 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, 6 oz. unsweetened chocolate almond milk.


Jenny Craig meals - Broccoli and Cheese potato, garden salad.

  • Lifetime Fat Loss comments: Potatoes are high glycemic.
  • Lifetime Fat Loss recommends:   One cup of beef or turkey chili. You can eat this in a restaurant or at home with our low glycemic turkey chili recipe. 2 low glycemic crackers and garden salad with oil and vinegar dressing (in restaurant) or at home make our low glycemic low calorie salad dressing.


Jenny Craig recommends 1 cup of grapes.

  • Lifetime Fat Loss comments: You need some protein, some unsaturated fats and some low glycemic carbs at each snack to keep your blood sugar balanced and prevent spikes which lead to overeating and binging on sweets or proteins. You will eat less at each meal if your snack is satisfying.
  • Lifetime Fat Loss recommends: 2 low glycemic crackers with 1 oz. guacamole,  6 oz. unsweetened soy or almond milk and 1 cup of grapes.


Jenny Craig meals - Salisbury steak champignon, 1 cup yellow squash, 1 teaspoon transfat free spread.

  • Lifetime Fat Loss comments:   Again read the ingredient label.   What’s in that transfat free spread?  Make sure there are no high glycemic preservatives.
  • Lifetime Fat Loss recommends: Low glycemic spaghetti, 1 cup. 1 mixed green salad with raddicio, alfalfa sprouts,  chopped red pepper and low calorie salad dressing.   If you have made this spaghetti on the weekend, you are merely heating it up.   Just as fast as any microwave meal and super delicious – no comparison as far as flavor!

     The selling point of the Jenny Craig meals is the convenience and that the portion control is built in for you.

     There is a high cost for convenience.

   You can learn a few simple low glycemic recipes that are far more nutritious and will lead to permanent fat loss. When you become familiar with  low glycemic foods you have a much better chance of creating new habits for a lifetime of sustained fat loss!

   YOU need to be empowered!    Learn the skills you need to manage your weight forever. I can start you out with a comprehensive weight management consultation that includes the best weight loss plan, the Lifetime Fat Loss Low Glycemic Plan.   Fill out this short survey.

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