Juicing for Weight Loss

juicing for weight loss

     Juicing for weight loss and to be sexy, beautiful and ageless is the "secret sauce" of the low glycemic weight loss plan!    This puts your low glycemic plan on steroids.   Why?

     People who are overweight are actually deficient in essential minerals and vitamins which can lead to overeating and even high blood sugar.

     When you are deficient in nutrients you can develop cravings because your body is looking for glucose, the fuel that gives you energy.

     Vegetable juicing  for weight loss is extremely efficient because it gives you all the nutrients you are missing.   You need to give your body what it needs to lose fat effectively, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, protein, complex carbohydrates and antioxidants.

     Since you are likely deficient in vital phytochemicals if you’ve been fat a long time, juicing is a way to get an abundance of them on a regular basis to restore the metabolic capacity of your cells and get skinny permanently.

   Juicing is a key component of your comprehensive, aggressive weight loss program. Lifetime fat loss is about getting into balance and staying there.

     There are many smoothie and juicing recipes on this website. Go to low glycemic smoothie recipes , peach smoothie and alkaline diet foods to get started.   They taste fantastic.

      If you drink one vegetable juice a day as a snack AND one smoothie as a replacement meal you will be accelerating your fat loss program in a healthy way.   If there is such a thing as fast weight loss...juicing for weight loss is it!

     Some other excellent combinations for your green smoothie are a bunch of raw spinach, a bunch of Italian parsley with one apple OR four celery sticks with 2 carrots and a bunch of spinach.

     It’s extremely difficult to get eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day unless you ARE juicing some of them. Not only are you deficient but our foods are not as nutrient rich as they were even 30 years ago so you need a way to get more of them.   If you want to lose weight permanently it is very important to eat a lot of these complex carbohydrates.   You will not have room for more processed foods nor will you be as interested in them.

     When you are doing vegetable juicing for weight loss you will be getting a better alkaline, biochemical balance which will also reduce your cravings for sweets. In fact, the more alkaline your system and the more nutrients you consume, the more you will desire healthy foods. It’s the junk food craving syndrome in reverse!

     That’s why we are called health “nuts!” It’s a great quirky side to have because you will be thin, energized and ageless!

     Vegetable juices contain all the minerals, salts, enzymes and vitamins you need for superb health. In fact, enzymes are destroyed by heat and enzymes are essential for digestion, for brain function, for energy and repair of cells. They are the living catalysts that stimulate life in the body. They are only available in raw foods!

     Juicing for fat loss and for health maintenance is an efficient way to get enough fresh fruits and vegetables that years ago you got in just a single serving. Recent studies have reported that our fresh fruits and vegetables are lower in vitamins and minerals today than they were even 30 years ago.*

     There are many reasons for this including that plant breeding practices select for cosmetic appeal rather than nutrition, the change in storage and ripening and reliance on chemical fertilizers which contribute to nutrient soil losses. Produce picked before it is vine ripened has significantly less nutrients than produce picked off the plant when it is ripe.

     This reduced amount of nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables is probably contributing to all sorts of diseases including obesity, heart disease and cancer.   Juicing is really the only way that you can get enough vegetables to make up for deficiencies.

     Combining raw vegetable juicing with eating from our low glycemic food list, eating plenty of omega 3 foods and daily, aerobic exercise will mean that you are losing weight very efficiently. If you are juicing for weight loss every day you will increase your energy so you CAN do daily aerobics and you will be beautiful, sexy and ageless!

* Mayer A-M. Historical changes in the mineral content of fruits and vegetables. Brit Food J. 1997;96(6):207-211.

Christian J. Charts: Nutrient changes in vegetables and fruits, 1951 - 1999. CTV ca.

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