List of Raw Foods

     This list of raw foods contains low glycemic fruits and vegetables that are a powerhouse of nutrients. Raw food weight loss is not only posssible, it's likely! They are high in fiber, slow to digest and rich in the nutrients you need for high energy and to burn fat. They are the perfect low glycemic snacking food and perfect for the diabetes diet.

list of raw foods

     Most vegetables and fruits as you will see from this list of raw foods are low glycemic, although fruits that are too ripe (adding concentrated sugars) may become high glycemic. A raw food diet plan, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, is a highly nutritious way to lose weight and maintain fat loss. It doesn't mean you have to eat only raw food but it does mean eating your produce mostly uncooked and juicing veggies several times a week.

Low Glycemic Fruits

apple dried apples avocado blackberries
blueberries raspberries strawberries persimmon
orange cherries nectarine figs, fresh only
honeydew melon kiwi lemon
lime mandarin oranges pear
peach tangerine grapes

     Each fruit on the list of raw foods above is low glycemic. I am recommending that you eat fruits and vegetables mostly fresh and uncooked. If you choose to eat canned fruit make sure that it is packed in water or in it's own juice so that no sugar or artificial sweeteners are added.

    It's best to avoid fruit juices on all diet plans since they are so concentrated they will be high glycemic and high calorie.    Why drink calories?  Drink water instead.    

     It's ok to drink some juice occasionally but only if it's 100% fruit juice and diluted at least half and half with water.    More pulp is better; fresh squeezed is better yet.

     Juicing vegetables is different. You can drink as much vegetable juice as you want and of course fresh is better.    Drinking vegetables gives you an abundance of  vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals without raising your blood sugar.    It's also filling and means you will be less hungry.   You will be able to juice vegetables every day when you have the right blender.

     This is a fabulous way to boost your raw food nutrition and lose fat!  If you are juicing greens you will be giving your blood chemistry an alkaline boost and helping to balance your blood sugar.

     If you buy commercial vegetable juice rather than juicing your own, look for low sodium on the label.    You will not be getting the fiber if you use a juicer instead of a strong blender,  so be sure to eat enough foods that are high in fiber too.

Low Glycemic Vegetables

Artichokes asparagus Brussels sprouts bean sprouts
black eyed peas broccoli cabbage cauliflower
celery collard greens cucumber eggplant
endive escarole garbanzo beans green beans
green pepper red bell pepper yellow bell pepper kale
kohlrabi leeks lettuce mushrooms
okra olives onions peas
hot peppers pickles scallions radishes
swiss chard spinach snow peas split peas
squash sweet potatoes or yams (do not overcook) tomatoes turnip greens
water chestnuts zuchinni

Raw Food Weight Loss

     Is there such a thing as raw food weight loss?    Absolutely!    The more raw fruits and raw vegetables you eat the less you will want highly processed foods which are the high glycemic ones. Eating raw foods is an excellent way to manage your weight effectively and support optimal health and energy.

      A raw foods diet plan even if it's just part of your daily eating means that you are eating fresh, live foods that are full of enzymes and fiber. They are packed with nutrients since heating them reduces nutrients. Every vegetable on the list of raw foods above is low glycemic.

     This is part of the accelerated, aggressive plan I recommend, juicing raw vegetables several times a week. Even after you reach your goal weight, it's a good idea to juice vegetables regularly for optimal health and lifetime fat loss.

     Get into the habit of splurging on fresh, local produce at your farmer's market and you will be eating seasonally. The produce will be low glycemic if you choose from the list of raw foods here.

     It will have the optimum nutrients because it is the freshest food you can buy.

     Vine ripened produce has nutrients that are missing in produce picked green.

      In fact, there is no comparison in terms of nutritional content.

     This list of raw foods will support fat loss and excellent health! They go together. The more nutrition in your food the more your body can use it for energy and the less need there is to store it as fat. Most raw foods are low glycemic and do not raise your blood sugar. Remember that a little more than half of what you eat all day needs to be vegetables and fruits.

     Read the articles below for more information on how to keep your blood sugar low with your diet.

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