Lose Fat Maintain Muscle

     The "magic bullet" of fat loss is to lose fat maintain muscle by targeting your fat and releasing it!   It is vitally important for your health to lose FAT not just weight.      Did you know that diets result in muscle loss?    

     In fact, most people when they lose weight are actually losing muscle.   This is not a good thing.   We cannot afford to lose muscle, not when we are young when we need lean muscle to burn calories and for strength and endurance. We certainly can't afford to lose muscle mass when we are middle aged because as we age we need it more than ever!

Note: It is muscle that burns calories. Each extra pound of muscle burns an extra 100 calories daily even while you sleep! This is why doing at least a few muscle strengthening exercises every day is such a good habit to start.

     As we grow older our bodies tend to hold on to excess body weight. Often for women this becomes the doughnut around your middle, the dreaded belly fat. This has to do with the hormonal changes of the natural aging process which slows down the resting metabolic rate. When your metabolism slows down you burn fewer calories.

      How can you lose belly fat fast? To be honest nothing safe acts fast. But it IS possible to target the fat and get your body to release it. You then replace the fat with muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn - lose fat maintain muscle.

     Lose fat maintain muscle by targeting and releasing the fat, combining good nutrition and low glycemic eating with proper exercise.

     This is the "magic bullet" which includes healthy, permanent, lifetime fat loss.

     One of the best ways to consume more protein that builds muscle is with calcium rich foods.   Whey is made from milk solids and is put in many protein powders.  

      The best whey formula I have found is one with a peptide technology in it that targets fat and allows your body to release it.

     It has been shown in a clinical study to promote fat loss while maintaining muscle in combination with a reduced calorie diet and proper exercise.   Especially for those of you who want to lose belly fat fast or at least more efficiently this formula can be the "magic bullet" that gets things moving.

lose fat maintain muscle

     The clinical study that was done had 2 groups reducing their daily caloric intake by 500 calories. One group added this product and it was this group that lost twice as much fat! In the other group half the weight they lost was muscle.

     The control group taking the whey powder lost an average of 2.5 inches around their waists and almost 1 point on their BMIs. They reported more energy and better appetite control.

     I don't usually buy protein powders because most meal replacement drinks include synthetic flavors and sweeteners, preservatives and unnecessary calories. They taste terrible. This one is different. It is all natural with no preservatives or fillers so there is no unpleasant flavor or high glycemic additives.    If you would like an information sheet on this product  call toll free 1-855-485-5373.    You can also order the product. 

     Please don't think you need only protein and fat as some low fat high protein diets would have you believe!   We also need lots of complex carbohydrates because they are the primary source of glucose that provides the body with energy. However, we need the low glycemic, complex carbohydrates because they burn energy slowly giving you  sustained energy and increased metabolism.

     Please go to our daily healthy eating plan for a balanced low glycemic eating plan that includes the whey protein product described here. The Glycemic Research Institute, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society recommend food plans containing 55% mostly low glycemic carbohydrates, 15% protein (55-65 grams a day for men and 45 – 55 grams a day for women) and 30% healthy fats.

     I use this product because it also supports bone density and it's a great source of bioavailable calcium.   It makes a great low glycemic snack.   You can lose fat maintain muscle while supporting your bones.   One protein drink twice a day made with 8 oz. of unsweetened almond or soy milk blended with 2 scoops of whey powder gives you 15 grams of protein in each while helping you to lose fat maintain muscle.  

     Drink it 20 minutes before breakfast and 20 minutes before dinner and you’ll find that it will curb your appetite and help you to feel full.   Then you can make your dinner especially light.

     You will lose fat maintain muscle and build your bone and body strength when you combine more exercise and good nutrition. Everyone would like to find the quick ways to lose weight. When you adopt low glycemic eating and regular daily exercise into your lifestyle, you will gradually replace fat with muscle.

      But if you want to be more efficient about it, this is the closest thing to a "magic bullet" for fat loss and good health you will find anywhere.

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Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Belly fat is a hormonal problem - get your hormones in balance.

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