Low Fat High Protein Diet

     If the low fat high protein diet actually worked, would the majority of Americans be overweight?  

      Believe it or not, 2/3 of the American population is now overweight.    From 1978 – 1991 the percentage of the population consuming low fat foods increased fourfold according to Dr. Roland Weinsier, M.D., professor and chairman of the department of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Alabama.   During that same period obesity increased by 33%!

     For many years it was commonly and mistakenly thought that fats in food made us fat and protein did not. This theory has proved to be biochemically wrong.   We have more diet foods and low fat foods on the market than ever before and we are fatter than ever.

      The low fat high protein diet does NOT lead to fat loss!

     And protein can be converted to fat if too much is eaten at one meal that then creates a glycemic load.   Actually, the fat storing mechanisms in people involve insulin and growth hormone. There are other more complicated factors that play a role in the development of a positive fat balance.  What scientists know is that it is not so simple as the “calories in calories out” theory.

     What they also know is that the low fat high protein diet is no more effective than the low carb high protein diet at helping people to shed fat.

      Haven’t we learned by this time that it is the type of fats and carbs that we consume that’s important for our health and weight management?

      Let’s talk about the significance of the right fats in our diets for our health and for our weight management.

We need good fats!

      In fact, nutritional researchers have found that you CANNOT eliminate fat and lose weight!    Just the opposite, you have to EAT fat to lose body fat.

     Most Americans get plenty of the omega 6 fats, the saturated fats that we find in dairy and meat products.    It's the omega 3 fats that we don't get enough of and those are found in fish, nuts, seeds and seed oils, flaxseed meal, avocados and olive oil.    Thirty percent of our diets should be fat, more omega 3 fats than omega 6 fats.

     The French are a good example of a culture that includes lots of fat in their diets but they eat low glycemic foods, not the white, salty, processed high glycemic foods that Americans like.   In a culture where gastronomy is the national pastime,  obesity is not the crisis du jour as it is in America.     They eat small portions of fresh food and lots of salads and vegetables even though they do not skimp on cream and butter.    They do not eat as much meat as Americans do and certainly not as many processed foods.  

       In fact, they eat the food lover's diet.

     Remember that the omega 3 fats which contain essential fatty acids are in fish, raw nuts, seeds, natural soy foods,  flaxseed meal, avocados and olive oil.    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that millions of Americans are unintentionally sabotaging their diets by avoiding all fats including these.   These are the healthy fats that we need to be healthy AND to lose weight.

      The low fat high protein diet is an unhealthy diet which can lead to hormone imbalances.

      When you deprive your body of the essential fatty acids in these fats you slow your metabolism.   These essential fatty acids, known as EFAs, suppress appetite, help burn fat, prevent bloating and boost metabolism.

      Indeed, restriction of these good fats can promote weight gain!   Just one serving a day can greatly increase your metabolism.   The best snacks contain EFAs, like a serving of raw nuts ( 7,) a small handful of seeds or a heaping tablespoon of flaxseed meal in a smoothie or a cup of unsweetened soy or almond milk.

      The low fat high protein diet can produce weight gains of five or more pounds.   Nut butters which contain good EFAs and protein can help you to curb your appetite.

      Go to Portion Control for more ideas about low glycemic snacks that include a mix of good fats, proteins and low glycemic carbs for a weight management program that gets you results for a lifetime.

     You can review why these other weight loss programs are not permanent fat loss strategies and what program does work in the articles below.

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