Low Glycemic Alcoholic Beverage?

Visitor Asks:

What is the low glycemic index alcoholic beverage?

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

Because alcoholic beverages contain very little carbohydrates they don't raise your blood sugar. Sugar in alcoholic beverages is converted to alcohol during fermentation.

Alcoholic beverages do have calories so that is something to considering when managing your weight.

Drinking good wine in moderation is the best way to consume alcohol because it is probably the healthiest alcoholic beverage for you.

When I say "good" wine, I mean one labeled as a varietal or a blend of varietals. A varietal is the type of wine grape that it was made from, such as the Sauvignon Blanc grape, and it is named on the bottle. Good quality wine shouldn't be a problem as far as managing your weight when you drink it with food.

All alcoholic beverages metabolize quickly in the human body. They should be eaten with food for that reason. The worst as far as calories are the alcoholic drinks mixed with coke or other sugary soft drinks. So, if you're having a mixed drink you could have it on ice or with water.

When you're having a drink avoid the salty carbs like chips and crackers. However, when you eat protein foods with fat like cheeses, raw nuts or sliced lean meats with the drinks they slow down the metabolizing process.

Ten ounces of beer contains about 10 grams of carbohydrates so it could raise glucose levels slightly. If you drink a lot of it, it would likely have more of an impact on your blood sugar. Eating too much and drinking too much beer could result in a "beer" belly just because of the calories. A 12 oz. bottle of regular beer is 140 calories. Light beers of 12 oz. contain only 7 grams of carbs and 110 calories.

Wine is easiest on human metabolism and the high quality wines are the best of these metabolically speaking. Amongst the varietals there are other differences in how wines are fermented. Red wine in moderation has been shown in studies to reduce cholesterol.

Good wine is beneficial to your health in moderation. According to American medical experts that would be one glass of wine a day for a woman and two for a man. The French recommend no more than 1/2 liter of wine per day.

Good wine in moderation increases oxidation of the essential fatty acids which decreases platelets in the arteries. So could this be one reason why the French have such low rates of heart disease even though they eat lots of fat?

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