Not Losing Anything on 2nd Low Carb Diet

by Nancy

Visitor Question:

PLEASE HELP!! Will I still lose weight on a glycemic index diet? I want something I can do for a lifetime. This sounds perfect but I need to know I will lose weight. I need to drop at least 100 pounds (just for health)and I'm only 24. Also with the Glycemic load needing to be under 100 is that all day?

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

Yes, you CAN lose weight eating low glycemically and exercising regularly! It will be permanent fat loss if your new way of eating and moving become new habits. It is wonderful that you are so young because it's much harder to lose this much when you are older.

You say you're on your second low carb diet but I wonder if you are restricting good carbs? That doesn't work. I wrote an article about these diets here. It's really important that you read this to understand the difference between eating low glycemic and a low carb diet.

You need to be patient with yourself and remember that it probably took you a long time to gain the extra weight and it will take a long time to lose it. What is reasonable to expect is to lose approximately two pounds a week although you will be paying more attention to how your clothes fit than your scales. If you are persistent and determined you will soon be needing some new clothes!

Nancy, you need lots of carbohydrates for energy and fiber and for all their essential nutrients. This is definitely not a low carb diet which is not a healthy diet. You need to eat the right kind of unrefined, low glycemic carbohydrates to be slender and healthy. You need lots of vegetables and fruit, 8 - 10 servings a day, and the whole grain, high fiber carbohydrates.

With as much weight as you have to lose I would advise seeing a doctor first to rule out any health complications. You could show him this website and ask him if he thinks this is a good plan for you. Many doctors prefer that their patients who need to lose weight work with a weight management advisor or health coach to help them make the necessary changes and be accountable.

If you and your doctor decide this is a good plan for you, I would then recommend that you fill out the weight loss survey and sign up for the weight management consultation and coaching. I will assess where you're at now with managing your weight and where you need to go. I will write up a detailed plan for you and give you a clear track to run on. We will be in touch every week for coaching for 3 months and then as often as needed until you are well established with your new habits. It takes 1 - 3 months for a new behavior to become a habit.

If you cannot do that then by all means read everything on the site pertaining to the glycemic index, metabolism, nutrition, portion control and the daily healthy eating plan. Look at the site map to find many more articles on losing your fat and keeping it off.

Go to the 10 Success Steps to get my 10 best weight loss tips that will get you started. Sign up for the free monthly newsletter to get recipes, tips and new ideas on how to sustain your fat loss. You CAN do this! Do not give up. Where there's a will there's always a way.

I'm not sure that I understand your question about the glycemic load. Where did you get the figure of 100? You want to be eating foods that have a glycemic index of 55 or less. I have put these foods on the low glycemic food list . You want to avoid getting a glycemic load which just means you have eaten too many low glycemic carbohydrates at one time. There are lots of strategies for not overeating on the website.

I hope this helps and let me know if I can do more!

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