Sugar Free Desserts

     Sugar free desserts CAN taste good and be low glycemic!    The days are gone when you have to turn to sugar free processed foods made with sugar substitutes that taste terrible.    In fact, AVOID the sugar free label. This is because "sugar free" often means the product is loaded with high glycemic ingredients.

      Be suspicious of highly processed, packaged desserts that are labeled "sugar free."    It's far better to use one of the low glycemic sweeteners below and to buy foods sweetened with these.     Most of the commercial, sugar substitutes that are in processed foods are high glycemic.   They will be labeled sugar free but often they will have high glycemic additives in them.

   The best diet foods are usually NOT labeled "sugar free."    However, they are in fact sucrose (table sugar) free.  They will contain the natural, low glycemic sugars that do not stimulate fat storage and do not elevate your blood sugar.   These are the ones you want to use when making sugar free dessert recipes. 

Low Glycemic Sweeteners

coconut (palm) sugar ki-sweet xylitol inulin juice complex erythritol talin (S. African fruit) fructose (made from fruit only) stevia agave syrup

     You will need to read food labels carefully.     When you want a sweetener for your tea, coffee or cereal or for a low glycemic recipe these natural sugars will not raise your blood sugar.   When you are baking and want to make sugar free desserts, go to your natural foods store and find coconut (palm) sugar.     It's  made from the coconut palm  and the texture is very close to table sugar.

     When I talk about sugar free desserts what I mean is desserts that do not contain sucrose which is refined, white, table sugar, but they DO contain a low glycemic sweetener or just fresh fruit. So, what you are looking for are the low glycemic sweeteners listed above.

     You do not have to give up all sweets to maintain healthy fat loss.     Have sugar free desserts made with low glycemic sweeteners.    Yes, there are good sugars and bad sugars just as there are good fats and the "synthetic" bad fats. Low glycemic recipes can include natural sweeteners like xylitol, coconut sugar, erythritol, stevia or agave syrup that do not elevate blood sugar and actually have health benefits.    The best diet foods have the low glycemic sweeteners.

Coconut Palm Sugar

     Widely used in Asian cooking, palm sugar as it is called or coconut sugar, is gaining popularity as a substitute for sucrose.    It's not only low glycemic  but  it has lots of nutrients.     It has an even grittier texture than fructose and some would argue a better taste.   Because you can use it as a substitute for sugar in a  1:1 ratio it's easy to use in any of your baking recipes calling for sugar.   

      It will not raise your blood sugar and it contains 16 amino acids, magnesium, nitrogen, zinc, potassium and calcium.   It has become my new favorite sweetener for my tea and for baking.    It's made from the nectar of the coconut flower blossom.  Coconut sugar may be the best substitute for refined sugar in all sugar free desserts. 

     Fructose, on the other hand, used to be made from fruit,  at least according to some natural foods retail outlets who carry it in bulk.  Now it is often made from high fructose corn syrup which is one of the worst high glycemic sugars you can eat.  It's more refined than table sugar and it has an even more detrimental effect on blood sugar than sucrose. 

      Studies have shown that consuming large amounts of fructose impairs the body's ability to process blood sugar and leads to elevated insulin and the development of insulin resistance.    Fructose adversely affects blood lipids and blood pressure which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and it interferes with nutrient absorption. *

     Obviously, coconut palm sugar is a far better choice for baking.    Palm sugar is more expensive and you have to buy it packaged but since most of us don't bake that often and you don't need that much, it's worth paying a little more.

 Sugar Alcohols

      It may be possible to make some sugar free desserts using sugar alcohols.   They are usually in a concentrated powder form much finer than refined sugar. 

     Erythritol is the newest low glycemic sweeetener to be discovered that I know of and it's still hard to find.    I have not tried it yet but I have read that it tastes more like sugar than other sugar alcohols.

      It's being made by NOW and it's in some health food stores and can also be purchased online from Amazon.   Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol that occurs in fruits and fermented foods and does not affect blood sugar.   

      If you eat too much of it it can have a laxative affect but it does not cause digestive discomfort as some of the other sweeteners do.

     Stevia and xylitol are also natural sugar alcohols.   Xylitol is added to many products for sweetness including gum. Dentists sometimes recommend it because it "starves" harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay.   There are even toothpastes on the market that contain xylitol because it is so helpful in preventing tooth decay.

      I have used stevia and I find the flavor too intensely sweet.    However, it has the added benefit of being good for your digestion.

     Another tasty low glycemic sweetener that is a syrup not a sugar alcohol is agave syrup which is widely available in natural foods stores.   It tastes a little like a mild maple syrup and it's low glycemic.   For a recipe that calls for maple syrup you can substitute agave.   

      Although it may not seem possible now. you will find that as you eat low glycemic foods your sugar cravings will disappear and table sugar will be much too sweet for you.    It will be easier to just give it up cold turkey and switch to the low glycemic sweeteners.  You'll feel so much better and you really will not miss it.     If you have symptoms of type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance do not let anything sweet pass your lips!

     However, having said that, unless you are insulin resistant and have type 2 diabetes already it's really ok to have desserts made from sugar once in a great while.    Sugar is not so addictive that you'll want to start eating it regularly just because you indulge in a fancy dessert once in a while.      Otherwise, you might feel too deprived,  especially on the holidays.    You will probably find that sugar laden desserts now taste too sweet and a very small piece will be satisfying.

     It is possible to create delicious sugar free desserts with the low glycemic sweeteners.       Once you have stopped eating so much sugar most recipes will taste too sweet anyway.   When you want a dessert you will want to make your own.   You can reduce the amount of sugar by half or  substitute a low glycemic sweetener.

     Here's a new habit to cultivate - eat fresh fruit for dessert!   Save the low glycemic sweetened desserts for special occasions.

"The amount of fat the body absorbs after a meal is greater when that meal includes sugar." (Journal of the American College of Nutrition 1999;18)

*Reiser, S., et al. 1985. Indices of copper status in humans consuming a typical American diet containing either fructose of starch.  Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 42(2):242-251,

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