Understanding Sugar Grams on Nutrition Labels

by Jodi B.

Visitor Question:

I'm trying to find foods I can eat but when I look on the "Nutrition Facts" labels of each food item like Milk, the recommend Peanut butter - Arrowhead Mills PB, plain yogurt, etc each product still shows that it has sugar grams. If the goal is not to raise blood sugar how can I eat foods that list sugar grams? I'm confused.

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

This is a really great question. You are so right. Sometimes a product will show sugar grams under Nutrition Facts even though in the Ingredients list you will see that no sugar is added. And this is the key thing to look for, has sugar been added, because there are naturally occurring sugars in many foods that will NOT raise your blood sugar.

Milk is a good example. Milk is low glycemic even though it does have lactose in it which is a naturally occurring sugar but it is NOT a table sugar and will NOT impact your blood sugar. You need only be concerned with whether sugar (sucrose or some high glycemic sugar like corn syrup or maltodextrins) has been added. This is a little confusing at first so thank you for giving me a chance to make this clear to other visitors too.

When you are reading food labels do not worry about sugar grams on the nutrition facts list. Only pay attention to whether sugar is added on the ingredients list and whether there are high glycemic preservatives. Read about those in the link above.

If you stick to the low glycemic food list and avoid the foods on the high glycemic food list you will be ok. If you find one that's not on one of our lists, let me know and we will check it out.

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