Weight Loss Survey

     Fill out this weight loss survey and get your personal, hour long telephone consultation with a certified weight management adviser. This will include an analysis of why you are not losing weight and a written, step by step systematic and aggressive plan for you to succeed. I will work with you weekly for 3 months by telephone and email.

     This is how it works. Answer every question as honestly as you can. Your information is confidential and will be discussed only by us in our telephone consultation. Click Submit. You then need to place your order by clicking on the Paypal button to purchase.

      You are purchasing the analysis and review, a written report and 3 months of coaching all for only $65. You will be able to ask questions via email and talk to me once a week so I can check your progress and help you make necessary adjustments. I look forward to hearing from you and getting you started on a Lifetime of Fat Loss!

Weight Loss Coaching Survey

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     Have you tried many diets and failed? This is because diets tend to trigger your body to store fat as soon as you "go off" the diet. Without blood sugar control you will have "weight gain rebound." There are very big obstacles to overcome unless your previous diets were nutrition based because they have likely upset some delicate hormone processes and slowed your metabolism.

     Successful, lifetime fat loss requires a nutrition based, multi-modality approach.   There are 7 steps to my plan.   After your initial consultation you will receive a written report with an evaluation of why you are not losing weight and how you can succeed with a very specific action plan.

     If you are committed to this program and your own health you will be able to reach your goal weight!

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