Yo Yo Dieting

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How do I stop winter weight gain and yo yo dieting?

Lifetime Fat Loss Answers:

Listen up everybody! Herein lies the big challenge of losing fat forever.

It is natural in the winter to put on a little weight. It's a time of less activity, especially if you live where there are harsh winters. Bears fatten up to withstand hibernation. Why can't people? They probably could if they ate what bears eat (nuts, seeds, roots and berries.) But people being people we like to eat the processed foods, too many saturated fats and too much sugar. It may be fun in the moment but you know where that leads!

Spring is the time to step it up in every way! Throw off the cozy, comforting in door habits and get moving in consistent, high energy activities that get your heart rate up and your pulse racing!

Yo yo dieting is a thing of the past if you want to lose weight permanently. It leads to weight gain rebound which just means that your fat cells never go away. They just expand and contract. In other words, when you go on a special diet and cut your calories drastically or cut out food groups, and then go back to your old ways as soon as you lose the pounds...you are going to have those fat cells expand really fast! In fact, studies have shown what we always knew. You end up fatter than you were before! That's because you add MORE fat cells and expand the ones that are already there.

So...there is only one answer here to changing your health and your body for good. You do not have to eat just roots and berries but you DO need to change your lifestyle! When you adopt new habits, eat differently every day for the rest of your life, you will NOT be a victim of yo yo dieting. This website is dedicated to this process.

Start with reading about the glycemic index and then go on to foods that lower blood sugar. You do not have to be pre-diabetic to eat this way. Everyone benefits from eating low glycemic foods because they are healthier foods and regulating your blood sugar means you are regulating your metabolism.

Follow up with the best exercise to lose weight and the 10 core steps to changing your lifestyle. This should give you a blueprint for a lifetime of fat loss.

If you need more help, fill out my survey and you'll get a personalized, comprehensive consultation with a weight management coach and 3 months of coaching to ensure your success! Good luck!

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